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  1. Well. Could be interesting. And as noted elsewhere on the board, I do wonder if it'll be in all the set or if there'll be scope for rotation. Maybe there'll be scope in the stadium shows. Although for that matter, I wonder how long it took David Byrne to put the recent American Utopia show together.
  2. Yeah - much as I'm guessing it'll be a novelty to get a gig with more than 1 piano song anytime soon, a good batch of options for that part of the set would be nice.
  3. Looking back at a post I made about 8-9 years ago, I'm slightly amazed one of my first songs heard was Shrinking Universe. Clearly I had more inclination to check that out than actually watch 28 Weeks Later, given I only saw that for the first time in the last two years.
  4. Hungry Like the Wolf did sound really good. Pressure's brass is consistently proving to be a bit iffy on live mixes, by contrast. Maybe it's better in person. Or they're going to bring a full brass section on tour and have them overpower everyone else.
  5. Not gonna lie - find that both ridiculously expensive and somehow less than I assumed it actually cost. Thought it would top £4k when I saw it was an actual designer label as opposed to another custom job.
  6. I know very little about Post Malone but he can hopefully be an improvement on Dizzee Rascal. Though presumably as he's big enough to headline Reading (or at least co-headline it with 21 Pilots), he's too big in the UK for the upcoming shows. Yungblud is presumably highly likely to appear at least one show. Would be very much on board if Chvrches got the gig - love their stuff. Presumably Let's Eat Grandma, who are supporting Chvrches in a few weeks, would also be a possible shout if we're looking at supports with the synth-style. Plus Nothing but Thieves are around (playing Newcastle with Foals the week before the London Stadium gig) so maybe they'll get another go.
  7. Isn't that the one where there's an XFM broadcast on YouTube, and which TSP/Stockholm made the Tour DVD? That was pretty fucking awesome stuff.
  8. Wonder if 20 years since Showbiz might get acknowledged at any point with a surprise track from that era. Or failing that 10 years since Resistance means we get humoured with a run of Guiding Light
  9. Forgot I voted for Algorithm on this so... that. TDS, Pressure, BITM and Blockades are also favourites from this collection.
  10. I remember shortly after TR came out and it was seen as an improvement on Black Holes.
  11. Resistance. There are bright spots but the highs just don't match those on the other albums and it feels fairly muddled. I'm aware you can make the same second criticism of The 2nd Law but I do like a lot of that album.
  12. Certainly, Black Holes is an album I've re-evaluated over time. There was a point when I had a downer on parts of it that meant I had it closer to The 2nd Law in my rankings (partly as I really liked T2L when that first came out), whereas of late I've had a second wind of appreciation for BHaR.
  13. I wonder what if anything that was done at the SBE/La Cigale shows has a chance of making it into any show next year. Still hoping they might bring out an Assassin, Showbiz or B&H at any point (preferably for the show I got a ticket for). But its more hopes more than expectations at this point.
  14. I love the individual songs on Absolution for song-writing style and for the live performances. But I do agree the production and track-list ordering is suspect in places. For a very long time it was my #1 Muse album, but I think a re-evaluation is why Origin has recently jumped it in my personal list. Still happy to belt along to all the songs when I put the album on in my car though.
  15. Yeah I recently re-listened to FG having not bothered in years. Its a pretty good tune covered in a very fine way, but I think the problem was that it hung around live for too long. Was fine on the Black Holes tour but keeping it in the mix for Resistance, T2L and Drones even when the use of piano songs in the show kept falling was excessive.
  16. Be quite something to open my inbox and have an entire 90 minute movie in my inbox. Bet it'll be Hysteria again as that seems to be the most regular present. Although tbf, the version on the Drones Tour with the Vulistamen riff was really good.
  17. 1. Algorithm 2. Psycho 3. Supermassive Black Hole 4. Break It To Me 5. The Dark Side 6. Map of the Problematique + Maggie's Farm riff 7. Citizen Erased 8. Drum & Bass Jam + Apocalypse Please 9. Something Human 10. Mercy 11. Bliss Isolated System 12. Dead Star 13. Pressure 14. Blockades 15. Uprising 16. Survival 17. Thought Contagion 18. Hysteria 19. Knights of Cydonia 20. The Handler 21. Stockholm Syndrome + riffs
  18. Somewhere amidst the interchanging mind control.
  19. Would've thought Vancouver was the likeliest non-LA market to get anything, and maybe a Seattle or Portland date to go with.
  20. At the moment... 1. Origin of Symmetry 2. Absolution 3. Black Holes 4. Showbiz 5. Drones 6. Simulation Theory 7. The 2nd Law 8. The Resistance However I do find Drones/SimTheory/2nd Law hard to split.
  21. Didn't Matt say they were looking at doing Japan in September and then maybe Latin America in October? Then again I'm thinking heavily about an NYC idea. Even if it is because I also want to see a few US TV shows I like recorded over there.
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