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  1. Muse are pleased to announced the 2019 Simulation Theory World Tour! Source: http://muse.mu/news,2019-simulation-theory-world-tour_4856.htm
  2. Intimate show at the iHeartRadio Theater in NYC on 14 November Source: http://muse.mu/news,iheartradio-theater-nyc_4855.htm
  3. KirkBot

    Rock In Rio

    Brazil! Muse are performing at Rock In Rio in October 2019. Source: http://muse.mu/news,rock-in-rio_4854.htm
  4. Watch the making of the Simulation Theory artwork now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,the-making-of-simulation-theory-album-artwork_4853.htm
  5. KirkBot

    Rock Werchter

    Muse will close Rock Werchter 2019! Source: http://muse.mu/news,rock-werchter_4852.htm
  6. Check out these amazing fan covers of “Pressure” now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,pressure-fan-covers_4851.htm
  7. Muse have partnered with Omaze to give one lucky fan and a guest a once-in-a-lifetime experience to attend the Royal Albert Hall benefit as a VIP of the band! Source: http://muse.mu/news,win-vip-tickets-to-royal-albert-hall_4849.htm
  8. Enter to win a signed vinyl test pressing of Simulation Theory now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,signed-test-pressing-contest_4848.htm
  9. Headline show in Spain plus two nominations at the EMAs. Vote now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,new-show-mtv-world-stage-bilbao_4847.htm
  10. Check out the new gallery now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,pressure-behindthescenes-photos_4846.htm
  11. Watch "Dig Down" now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,later-with-jools-holland_4844.htm
  12. Watch "Dig Down" & "Pressure" now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,later-with-jools-holland_4844.htm
  13. Muse will perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London in support of The Prince’s Trust charity on 3 December Source: http://muse.mu/news,london-royal-albert-hall-benefit-show_4845.htm
  14. Listen To “Pressure” Now + 2019 Tour Cities Revealed Source: http://muse.mu/news,pressure-tour-cities-reveal_4842.htm
  15. KirkBot

    Reeperbahn Festival

    Muse are performing a surprise set in Hamburg on Friday! Source: http://muse.mu/news,reeperbahn-festival_4841.htm
  16. Check out the new fan artwork gallery for the "The Dark Side" now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,the-dark-side-fan-artwork_4840.htm
  17. Check out these amazing fan covers of “The Dark Side” now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,the-dark-side-fan-covers_4839.htm
  18. KirkBot

    Simulation Theory

    New album out 9 November. Pre-order for early access to tickets for the 2019 tour. Plus listen to the new track “The Dark Side” now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,simulation-theory_4838.htm
  19. KirkBot

    Video Quiz Contest

    Win the chance to appear in a forthcoming Muse music video! Source: http://muse.mu/news,video-quiz-contest_4837.htm
  20. Check out the "Something Human" fan covers playlist now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,something-human-fan-covers_4836.htm
  21. Watch the second behind-the-scenes video for “Something Human” now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,something-human-behindthescenes-2_4835.htm
  22. Watch the video on the pre-production now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,something-human-behindthescenes-1_4834.htm
  23. New photo gallery just added! Source: http://muse.mu/news,rock-in-rio-lisboa-photos_4833.htm
  24. KirkBot

    Something Human

    Listen to the new song “Something Human” now! Source: http://muse.mu/news,something-human_4832.htm
  25. Coming Thursday 19 July Source: http://muse.mu/news,something-human-teaser_4831.htm
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