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    M.E.N Arena - 11/11/06
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    Manchester LCCC - 04/09/10
    Manchester Arena - 01/11/12
    Etihad Stadium - 01/06/13
    Manchester Academy - 22/03/2015
    Manchester Arena - 08/04/2016
    Manchester Arena - 09/04/2016
    Etihad Stadium - 08/06/2019
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  1. Seating in upper tier for this one. Standing at the first night.
  2. Hahaha are we the same person? Has anyone ever seen me and you in the same room at the same time? Ohhhhhhh
  3. Standing on the 8th. Seated on the 9th. 11th and 12th Muse gigs booked. I have no money haha
  4. Got 4 standing tickets for my 11th Muse gig this morning. Very excited
  5. Some prick has stole my picture and taking credit for it. Anyone on Instagram want to comment and point out that this picture belongs to @thekenworthy would be great
  6. I probably annoyed everyone around me with my shit singing and constant calling for Jimmy Kane. Bloody good gig though. My 10th Muse gig and probably my favourite. This was definitely the best pic I took.
  7. I got 2 tickets. So happy Was actually surprised how quickly and easy I got them this morning. As soon as 9.30 hit I was straight on and has my tickets booked within a couple of minutes.
  8. I was really hoping that The Road would be a Hullabaloo style documentary. Played it and 4 minutes later... The End.......
  9. Still waiting for my copy from Amazon. They've been shocking recently
  10. Voted.... You're welcome. I expect a mention in your acceptance speech if you win
  11. Watched it at Manchester Lowry last night. Really enjoyed it. It was weird though because I could tell a lot of people were holding back. A lot of people seemed like they wanted to sing along and cheer. That's how I was feeling too. I think this will make a better release than HAARP. One reason is because half of that Wembley show was in daylight whereas it gets dark very quickly in this Rome show so the lighting effects are great straight away.
  12. I'm gonna wait to see prices from other places before ordering.
  13. Anyone going to see it at Manchester Lowry? Have a bad feeling that my tickets are going to be messed up. I went online and selected 4 seats and even chose the seats but when I completed my order it only said I'd booked 2. I phoned up and they confirmed I'd only booked 2 and I had to order another 2 but the 2 seats next to my original 2 weren't available (sold to me?) so I was given the 2 directly in front. So I've got a feeling I'm going to go there and find I've got either 2 or 6 seats.
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