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  1. FAWY has always been and remains one of Muse's finest songs. It gets me every time. It's one of their most truly heartfelt.
  2. Anything to avoid another ST. What a crock. Still better than T2L though, tbh.
  3. Shrinking Universe Dead Star Nature_1 In Your World Not really bothered about the rest.
  4. Drones >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ST >>>>>>>>>>>>> T2L. Drones 7.5/10 ST 4/10 T2L 2.5/10
  5. Dead Inside Dead Inside Dead Inside
  6. I still think the most fruitful avenue would be a sustained, album-length crossover of their harder rock, electronic and poppier shades - Bliss, Recess, Shrinking Universe, Hysteria, Endlessly, FAWY, Take A Bow, Starlight, MOTP, Uprising, UD, MK Ultra, Isolated System, Dead Inside, Reapers, Algorithm, Break It To Me and so on. They clearly have an eye for this kind of crossover, where Depeche Mode meets RATM or post-OKC Radiohead meets synthpop. Etc.
  7. What the fucking fuck is the point of playing - all bar one song - the identical show in the same city three months apart? Gash. This tour has been utter shite. The worst.
  8. Nice. Very nice indeed. Shame still about the rest of the set. If they'd played Bliss and this had come in for Madness, that would have been ace (I like Dig Down in its hokey form).
  9. It’s happening. Bet there are end of year gigs too.
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