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  1. They said they were filming the O2 shows, no? Tbh, I really hope they don't go big on a release for this tour. It's been hugely underwhelming. Any of the previous tours - Drones, T2L or The Resistance - had much better productions. In fact, I would have loved to have seen the Resistance towers show given the full DVD treatment. That was an amazing set up.
  2. Well rigidity was one of their main complaints about the Drones tour, or at least the repetitiveness of the show every night. This tour has been 100x worse.
  3. The Mayan gig is, indeed, brilliant. They seem to play so many of the songs just a touch up-tempo, really helps them feel even more live. Dead Inside was SO good live in the early stages of the Drones tour. In fact, I'd say the highest points of the Drones tour were right up there with Muse's very best post-Absolution. Not a single moment of the ST tour has got remotely close to the Drones tour.
  4. GVF are an absolute abomination. I think it was Pitchfork who described them most accurately as little more than a musical algorithm for the Spotify era.
  5. So Werchter just turned out to be the same show without the frills?
  6. They did Glasto 99, 00, 04, 10 and 16, iirc. If any, it would have to have been one of the first two.
  7. Can't say I've ever heard of this in all my time posting here 👀. It's not a cover I've ever heard associated with Muse.
  8. Wasn’t planning to go anyhoo - just struck me how bullshit this all is! But thank-you nonetheless :).
  9. What a disaster - got my presale code at 10.28am, 88 minutes after the presale started. Plus, the ticket prices are absolutely extortionate. Seriously, this whole era in terms of touring has been a complete joke.
  10. £50 minimum I'd say. But likely £75-£80 for standing. I am going nowhere near these gigs unless I can pick one up for £20 on Twickets a week beforehand.
  11. Blegh. Extension of ST tour. If they sell anything like the stadium shows, you’ll be able to grab tickets a week before for about £25.
  12. Coolio. Gotta be smaller shows, maybe another Psycho Tour type schtick. Or shows in some of the places they missed - Scotland, Wales, Ireland, etc.
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