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  1. Exogenesis I Psycho Reapers Invincible Plug in Baby Exo-Politics Butterflies & Hurrcianes Hoodoo Ruled By Secrecy New Born Starlight Mercy Stockholm Syndrome Uprising The Handler Take a Bow Assassin Glorious Knights of Cydonia
  2. Exo Politics and Mercy... because i know the dark cloaked beings are out there, watching, silently, running their conspiracies. They must be stopped.
  3. A lot of neat places to play. Much more interesting than the usual and boring arenas! Also, Starlight Theatre
  4. This is great. Is a wonderful present. But i'm going to be greedy and ask for more. Maybe that Montreux show was one of the best ever done by the band.
  5. Muse the movie will be in theatres next year!! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5041296/ And with Christopher Lloyd and Leonor Watling
  6. The solo of The Handler is one of the best things of the album, if fact is one of the best things humanity has done since the invention of the wheel. If aliens are watching us they problably are saying: Look at the glorified apes, they have wheels, and the solo of The Handler!
  7. Muse has taken new pics of Carina, these are called "Pillars of Destruction". https://astronomynow.com/2016/11/02/pillars-of-destruction-in-the-carina-nebula/
  8. Yeah, just relax, Tjet and Pwoper Pavo don't like anything successful and/or not full of angst. And Queen sold a lot of albums and were happy campers. They even don't like the fact that Muse is playing in stadiums instead of someone's garage so they can play Balloonatic instead of Knights of Cydonia. I still don't understand how an Italian can be bitter, living in a country with places like the Tuscany and the Como Lake, full of beautiful people to shag and the best pasta in the world to eat. Oh well, life is a mystery. ...and stuff happpens
  9. Shouldn't you be celebrating Juventus' sub-championships in UCL? i remember you were banned just after Juve was destroyed by Barcelona. Just saying.
  10. Exactly. Both bands need to have in th mood though.
  11. I have a soft spot for Fillip aswell, is a really fun song to listen.
  12. When Queen was in hard rock mode can blew out of the water almost any band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7p-5CgWP7Iw
  13. Crowds are wise, let "Big Freeze" go. "Let it go" from Frozen will be badass, though.
  14. That's because te high powers of internet are high... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z89Uv1Gl6Z0 ...on COCAINUM
  15. I really hope this track marks the way Muse is going to follow in the future. With Elvira the vampire and the monsters of the night. Life is a fucker and we need more angst in Muse lyrics, in T2L the Universe was frozen into the Eternal Darkness and in Drones the Earth was destroyed in a nuclear war were only one guy and his girlfriend survive. Some pussies would think that is angst enough, but i, and probably the real people out there, want the lyrics one step further. We are tired of just death and angst, we want Undead Angst. It'll be a great theme for the next album. What are the zombies THINKING after the war? What are they actually FEELING while trying to eat the brains of the survivors? Are they going to live forever in a cozy comunity till the Big Freeze, or there are evil zombies trying to enslave them? This is what the real fans want, guys.
  16. There is not such thing as melodrama, when corrupt leaders bring the apocalypse and the end of the world as we know, it'll reach everyone, not only the people at the stadiums, but those in small venues and houses, too. #Death So i say it works.
  17. "Life is short..." And full of stuff" Let's be honest, those lines are 100% the truth. Life is too short and stuff happens on it. Death will reach everybody #soon I mean, soner or later.
  18. 01. Psycho 02. Reapers 03. Sing For Absolution 04. Muscle Museum 05. Hysteria 06. Butterflies & Hurricanes 07. United States of Eurasia 08. New Born 09. Futurism 10. Fury 11. Eternally Missed 12. Assassin (Omega) 13. Please Let Me Get What I Want 14. Lies 15. Prague 16. Feeling Good 17. Sign of the Times 18. Supermassive Black Hole 19. New Kind of Kick 20. Can't Take my Eyes off you. 21. Mercy
  19. Told you the MEE thing was going to be fun.
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