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Right, my thoughts on the tour.


Much better than the TR tour. The arena gig I saw on that tour made me swear I'd never go see that cunt fuck of a band again. Every gig I was at on this tour gave me something to fanboy about. That was nice.


Setlists were solid. I do think they could've been slightly longer though. Two piano songs is meh but it was just taking the piss when they reduced it to one and half the time is was Feeling Good or Explorers. 23 songs would've been ideal for most gigs imo, three piano songs (with no Feeling Good) and one or two slots for a general rarity.


It was nice to see no second night syndrome for the most part. Although the variation between the best and worst sets of the tour were pretty gig. Brisbane was probably the worst, maybe Perth or Mexico 3 were best? Pretty massive variation in quality there.


In an ideal world next tour I'd like to see 25 songs per gig with a shit ton of rotation to the point where every gig's setlist will be a surprise (and good).

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Btw btw, triple post ftw, Eurasia from City Limits was fucking beastly.


In fact, Eurasia is just a great song full stop.


US -> Agitated at Rock in Rio was a highlight moment (in terms of the stuff that was streamed and can be judged) haha

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I was mostly happy with the tour for the gigs I attended. However, my opinion of the 2nd Law album keeps getting worse and worse as time passes on so I'm mostly happy this era is coming to an end.


Has there been discussion what songs will stick around and what will be gone for next tour?

- I really hope and believe Unsustainable, Explorers will be gone (and IS obviously as an interlude).

-I think we won't see LS especially if Chris writes another song, but I don't really care either way.

-Follow me probably sticks around, unless Matt wants to go easier on the vocals and/or the new album truly will be rockier and the song choices reflect that.

-Madness and PS are a given, although I can see PS having rotation status rather than being dead set every time because there simply won't be enough room for all the songs

-Animals, unfortunately, probably will become a rarity.

-Supremacy might stick around, but I don't really care either. I LOVED that song when it came out, now it's just another meh.


Of TR songs

-Uprising will be on the setlist forever and always

-Hopefully US will make occasional appearances, USOE probably will too

-UD probably gone

-The new album must really suck if there is still room for GL

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