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  1. I think he's saying he's putting more power into it than necessary. Anyway I don't think it's weird that he's releasing it under his own name. We all know he's the main songwriter, and here we have a version with just the piano and vocals, both written by Matt. I doubt Dom or Chris have any issue with it.
  2. Honestly I was never a big fan of Unintended to begin with. I like the instrumentation here, but Matt's soft voice is very hit and miss these days. The cover of We'll Meet Again that he uploaded works so, so well and I'm very excited for a full cover. This however? Probably won't really listen to it again, much like Tomorrow's World.
  3. Just gonna link this as well for anyone who missed the first teaser https://www.instagram.com/p/B6jpZ07DMoc/
  4. huh? No it hasn't. It literally says "Joined Mar 4, 2020" on the channel. The Topic channel that Pray is on is an auto-generated thing by Youtube.
  5. Yep. It's on Spotify, Youtube, Itunes etc
  6. USoE and The Globalist. I'd also say Pray stands a lot better on its own two feet than Tomorrow's World
  7. Third song by Matt that reminds people of Soaked. Time to move on! I gave it another go. Heard it quite a lot of times now. Still not getting it.
  8. Okay song leaked. That was...underwhelming. Even with pretty mild expectations.
  9. Is that a thing?
  10. You've turned soft since getting OOM.
  11. I'm not gonna moan because I'm not that invested anymore but I'd take another proshot of Fury, Hyper Music or Yes Please over Panic Station, SMBH and Starlight in costumes any day.
  12. SMBH, Panic Station, CTMEYO and Starlight. Time to go back to not caring about Muse.
  13. Don't know what he's said about it but that looks more like a VR experience to me, more so than cinema
  14. I agree that Showbiz has more b-sides that could have made the album, but that's partly because Showbiz is a worse album than OoS. The good OoS b-sides are still way better songs imo.
  15. Hey man, you're forgetting HCM and Nature_1, which along with Shrinking Universe are some of Muse's best. I also like The Gallery and Futurism a lot more than most of the Showbiz b-sides
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