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  1. matthijs

    Muse's Graphic Artist

    You can contact him yourself: http://www.kylelambert.com/gallery/muse-simulation-theory-album-art/
  2. matthijs

    Welcome Back! Login FAQ

    Lost forever.
  3. matthijs

    Hardest Muse songs on drums?

    Might be assassin, KoC was mentioned by Dom to be the most exhausting one. Can imagine Unnatural Selection too because of the pace it has.
  4. matthijs

    Message Board Software Change

    This is something to report through the contact us part of the main site indeed.
  5. matthijs

    Message Board Software Change

    We have no influence on how the main site runs.
  6. matthijs

    Message Board Software Change

    You can just paste a YT link, no need to embed it.
  7. matthijs

    Message Board Software Change

    I basically just set a smaller limit on the embeds to match the old style. We'll let the invision support handle the email management; you can of course change it if you manually go through the site, but that's not how it's supposed to work.
  8. matthijs

    Message Board Software Change

    How's this for you? Forwarded this, there's a slash too many.
  9. matthijs

    New board niggles

    Cookie login time now set at a week, thanks for the feedback!
  10. matthijs

    Simulation Theory tour discussion

    Just noticed the 'live' musicians. Terrible acting, wonder why they bother with their fake trombones
  11. matthijs

    Message Board Software Change

    It's a cookie issue; we're trying to get that changed. multiquoting is a thing (but hard - now it works with a pop-up menu on the right side of the screen)
  12. matthijs

    The Muse/Non-Muse Cover Thread

    I like them! Wondering why you didn't go for the ambient guitar part in Invincible though - that'd have really added something to it!
  13. matthijs

    Welcome Back! Login FAQ

    Should you have issues getting your old account to work, follow these steps. Login to https://www.muse.mu/member Click on EDIT YOUR DETAILS Then click on the Edit Account tab Change your username there. If your email address is not recognised, first make a new account using the name and email address of your old board account. We can help you figure out which address that is, or update it if you can no longer access it.