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    2003 6 November, Ahoy' Rotterdam
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    2006 28 November, Brabanthallen Den Bosch
    2008 13 August, Marlay Park Dublin
    2009 14 November, Ahoy' Rotterdam
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    2010 11 September Wembley Stadium London
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    2013 25 May Emirates Stadium
    2013 4 June Amsterdam Arena
    2016 16 June Riga Arena
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  1. I'm sorry but we cannot offer support in other language than English; however, I assume that such questions need to be directed to the shop and not to the forum. Use https://store.muse.mu/eu/faqcontact/
  2. Please stick to English on the main forum. We have the international section for speaking on your mother tongue.
  3. You already posted it on musebay so locking this.
  4. dunno, it's how it's set up by invision
  5. yeah, you'd have to hover the post to see the report button. I don't mind it myself, but I can see how that can be confusing.
  6. I don't think muse have played it; if anything it'd have to be in 1999 since the other setlists are all known. The closest they've come to playing this would be Animals I guess.
  7. We are working with management on better spam controls, and staffing to control the spam better.
  8. I'm sorry to hear this, but sadly we cannot provide service for ticket sales on the forum
  9. You can contact him yourself: http://www.kylelambert.com/gallery/muse-simulation-theory-album-art/
  10. Might be assassin, KoC was mentioned by Dom to be the most exhausting one. Can imagine Unnatural Selection too because of the pace it has.
  11. This is something to report through the contact us part of the main site indeed.
  12. We have no influence on how the main site runs.
  13. You can just paste a YT link, no need to embed it.
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