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  1. Happy birthday bro!

  2. Happy birthday Chris.

  3. Happy birthday bro. Sammy is right, come back. =(

  4. [Frakkles]: You LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE me.

    [EmmaliinaMuser]: I do ;)


    So you never forget.

  5. You are awesome. Figured you should know that.

  6. Thanks Faceless

  7. This is really late but having seen your profile pic, I recognise you from the Wembley 2010 now!


    Randomly stumbled across your profile, recognised your username, decided to be nosey, BOOM!


    True story.

  8. Merry Christmas to you too Liam!

  9. Randomly searching through the forums and found this: http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=9175251&postcount=4254


    Much love <3

  10. cool story bro

  11. Could you please delete your account? I don't think you deserve one.

  12. Stop being so stuck in the past.


    Get it?

  13. P.S. Happy birthday x

  14. I didn't think people like you had birthdays.


    Either way, fuck you.

  15. Pau! Stop pretending to be a boardie you whore! :(

  16. I actually saw myself on the screen at the side. Here:

    Red hair and grey hoodie.

  17. Yeah, I'm doing good. Got on TV at the end of Knights at Reading so I have an official Muse claim to fame. Other than that, not been up a lot. You're always working on some kind of Muse related project. You should take a break! Muse are, why shouldn't you? :LOL:

  18. Hey Liam. Long time no speak. Just got unbanned so that's probably why. :LOL: How are things?

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