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  1. I can see what they were going for, and I appreciate the ambition to try something different but for a supposedly innovative track it's not really...that innovative or captivating. That said, it's not a piece of turd either. But as maybe my top 5 in the previous post suggests I think in recent years Muse has been at their best with their pop hits (not all are so succesful, like Mercy or GUAF), with some exceptions (Isolated Systems, Animals at least in addition to the tracks I listed). I mean, the "experimentation" in the last few albums has been quite literally following what others have already done. BITM is a little different in the sense that while some influences can be spotted (RATM obviously), and they are breaking away from the mainstream rock/electro rock formula and the track stands out in that sense. But I just don't think it's particularly spectacular. Final note, for me Muse staying in their lot is not a problem at all, and I don't crave sonical experiments in a way that would lead them away from standard Western pop/rock music as the previous albums have proven that they dont quite have the talent*/need or want/taste level for it. I moreso wish for better produced, more original take in the production- the writing is fine. *I hesitate to use the word talent as I think Matt is an immensely talented songwriter/singer/musician but if he was a visionary in leading rock music to new paths I think it woud have emerged by now
  2. I wanna play too, even if I'm not sure how this relates to the thread title.  Best 5 (not in order) The Handler Dead Inside Propaganda Madness Either Exogenesis in its enterity (I don't think one of them in themselves would make the cut) or if not allowed, The Dark Side (I've come around) or Algorithm   Worst 5 (not in order) Save me Drones Mercy Get up and fight Explorers  I'm honestly a bit a puzzled at the love Break it to me is getting. Are Muse fans so hungry for distantly reminding of something even a bit more out of the box/experimental that this (imo) in the end "just okay" track gets so much attention?
  3. If you think about what is common for those tracks is that they are studio recordings clearly being utilized to give the band a breather/possibly facilitate some production issues. So I doubt we'd get any more songs if they were removed. That said, I agree that if the more casual fan gets bored during one oldie/rarity, who cares-I'll get bored during TiRO in exchange. If the slightly slower selling tour dates suggest anything the band should probably understand to give a nod to the more dedicated fans. Oh yay, Muse setlist bitching, so 2010.🙂
  4. I suspect that the people who do music for sports productions have Muse album news on their news alerts . The band seems to be very aware of this particular way of promotion with the marching band versio on the album. I remember even Madness being used in edit:basketball ("March Madness").That being said, I don't know if Pressure has the potential as being as big of a sports song as Uprising.
  5. Seeing this thread pumped inspired me to listen to TR all the way through (probably the first time in years) a few times. I think it suffered in its time as being the album after BHAR and therefore inevitably a disappointment, considering how much I liked Abso and BHAR. But listening to it now, it's a good album and lot more coherent and tasteful than T2L and Drones; however it doesn't feature any of my favourite Muse songs, not including Exogenenis which I tend to view as a seperate entity rather than just a song, if that makes any sense. Unnatural selection is a bit frustrating as I love the middle section - it's the sexiest rock thing they've ever done- but the rest of the song is just okay. I think for years I listened to a fan edit of IBTY with the French part edited out rather than the real version- I think I still prefer it as a straightforward pop song. I must dig up that file somewhere. Basically after the big three: ST> TR> Showbiz> Drones>T2L.
  6. Most puzzling is the "love went to Canada" bit.
  7. Pressure should donate 30 seconds to Propaganda. I usually advocate for shorter pop songs/singles and the last chorus of Pressure is entirely necessary, but Propaganda feels a tad too short. Not here for TC bashing.
  8. I think they should release it as a single. I mean, signs point to Get up and fight being the next single, but I think it will be a mistake. Muse is already threading water, in the US at least, as being a generic radio band. Despite the chart success of previous singles, apparently new album first week sales figures (in US) look quite grim which speaks of a disinterested/lack of a core fan base. While GUAF may be more pleasing to the casual radio listener and short term might reach better chart positions, I can't imagine anyone buying a Muse album because of it. Propaganda on the other hand, in my opinion is pop perfection. It's more offbeat for mainstream alternative radio ( a concept not an oxymoron these days), but I think it will spark more of an interest in a listener geared at "getting" Muse.
  9. True, I was also thinking of Defector. I know Exo isn't particularly inspired but I don't think every Muse needs to be particularly "interesting". I've always just loved the chorus.
  10. I think it's an odd review with some valid if obvious points. There is a weird undercurrent of resentment in the text which makes the writer come across as obnoxious. The reviewer uses a whole lotta words to essentially say, I guess: -the album is approachable and poppy -various references about that song reminded them of another artists and genres, the overall implication I guess being that it is commercial and derivative Of course there is the far-fetched Radiohead reference just for the sake of it , other example of pointless snark being that "they get the lesser-known of Los Angeles’ major college marching bands to play on the alternate version of “Pressure" -what is the implication here, they are so second grade they couldn't get the better one, since obviously any college band would turn down such an offer... Then what I guess is supposed to be the crux of the review, they say that the album's most succesful part is the right balance of camp and this is due to the band finally adding humour to the mix. This is a truly bizarre conclusion considering that Muse have always been intentionally cheeky, and the reviewer probably should be aware of this, having reviewed e.g. The Second Law. It's one of those instances of a reviewer pushing an alien narrative which makes you go "huh" to anyone familiar with the subject, the real reason for the paragraph I guess being making some "witty" punchlines. Second point I guess is "finally" admitting they are a pop band. This is a weird conclusion as well as Muse have done pop tracks since 2006. The rating doesn't really match the review as they don't compliment anything on the album- other than "right amount of camp" I guess. I mean, 60 is basically 3/5. This probably comes across as I'm really pressed about the review, I'm honestly not, I just don't really think it warrants a "good review" label. Oh and Exo-Politics and Blockades are both great. :happy:It's MK Ultra that is the blandest of Muse-by-numbers.
  11. I am up so I watched this. The setlist was beyond obvious and boring, but I guess that's 50 min promo gigs for you. TDS sounded great, and SH was good. They basically said about NY gigs that there will be one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan in spring. Most interesting tidbit was that they are planning on bringing more musicians on tour, like horns players. Return of KOC trumpet? Finally hope for my pipe dream for CoD? (probably not)
  12. Got Helsinki tickets no problem. I'm not sure if there was any need for a presale, I doubt it will sell out. Depends on the capacity of course. Stadium gig had around 25 000 attendance if I remember correctly.
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