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    Madness again? I'll be so baffled if they play both songs in the same gig.
  2. Not sure if really controversial but I just took like 5 months off listening to Muse, came back and am listening to each album all the way through. Enjoying every single one - sometimes it just takes some time away.
  3. Okay, I have to give this a go - I'm just drawn in by lists (worst to best): 1. Glasgow 2009 In general still enjoyed the gig for the show with the towers but the set was the absolute most bog-standard Resistance Tour arena set (except for Glasgow Jam). I also was expecting MK Ultra's debut which didn't end up happening. Good performance though. 2. Glasgow 2012 A good set with Ruled by Secrecy, the show itself was pretty memorable but I remember (at least where I was) that the crowd was dead. Lots of talking during all the 2nd Law stuff & RBS. 3. Glasgow 2016 (night 2) The stage show the other night was absolutely spectacular but being in seating compared to being right up close the night before wasn't quite as good. Preferred the set of the first night too, not that this set was poor by any means. 4. Glasgow 2006 Of all the Muse gigs I've been to I remember this the least, probably partially because it was so long ago. My main memory is that my girlfriend was hoping for Exo-Politics but we got Assassin, which suited me. I think it was pretty rough at the front as well so we were kind of hanging out towards the back. Black Holes is a great album though so seeing most of it get played was good. 5. Leeds Festival 2011 It was a dream come true seeing Origin in full (my favourite album) but after getting up early to drive down from Glasgow and standing about all day we were knackered. Ended up getting pulled out of the insane crush during Hyper Music because we couldn't hack it anymore, then just enjoying things from the back. 6. Glasgow 2003 This is so long ago that again I can't remember it that well, but it feels like seeing a different band almost. Highlights for me were the lights flashing to drums during the intro (just stuck with me), Muscle Museum getting one of the biggest reactions of the night & me somehow not recognising Micro Cuts till the vocals kicked in. Also a massive pit to Bliss strangely. 7. Glasgow 2016 (night 1) Just a great gig - was close up, crowd were up for it & a good set. The Drones songs all worked really well live I feel. 8. Emirates 2015 (night 1) Felt like the band were on for ages, managed to nab Dead Star & Unintended after having not seen a Showbiz song live since my first gig. The 2nd Law stadium stage was really impressive during stuff like Survival, Supremacy etc as well. Only problem was I was right at the front so the band more or less disappeared every time they used the walkway. 9. Wembley 2010 (night 2) The crowd were really good and the set was probably the best on the whole Resistance tour (IMO). Felt like I just didn't know what was coming next. Also featured an (infamously?) talkative Matt. 10. Glasgow 2015 Seeing them in a small venue mostly playing stuff that was out when I was at school just took me back to the band I was originally into. I don't think I'd rocked out as hard since I was about 16 and I of course managed to pick up some real oldies. I think Matt posted on instagram that it was a sweaty gig and I can't disagree, I was completely soaked and knackered by the end.
  4. Okay, my 2016 update: Showbiz Sunburn x1 Muscle Museum x1 Unintended x1 Uno x1 Origin of Symmetry New Born x5 Bliss x7 Space Dementia x2 Hyper Music x2 Plug in Baby x9 Citizen Erased x4 Micro Cuts x2 Screenager x1 Darkshines x1 Feeling Good x6 Megalomania x1 Absolution Apocalypse Please x1 Time is Running Out x10 Sing for Absolution x1 Stockholm Syndrome x8 Hysteria x7 Blackout x2 Butterflies & Hurricanes x2 Endlessly x1 Thoughts of a Dying Atheist x1 Ruled by Secrecy x2 Black Holes & Revelations Take a Bow x4 Starlight x9 Supermassive Black Hole x9 Map of the Problematique x6 Soldier's Poem x1 Invincible x1 Assassin x1 Hoodoo x1 Knights of Cydonia x9 The Resistance Uprising x8 Resistance x6 Undisclosed Desires x5 United States of Eurasia 3 Guiding Light x3 Unnatural Selection x2 MK Ultra x1 Exogenesis Part I x2 The 2nd Law Supremacy x2 Madness x3 Panic Station x2 Survival x2 Follow Me x2 Animals x3 Explorers x1 Liquid State x2 Unsustainable x2 Isolated System x4 Drones Dead Inside x2 Psycho x3 Mercy x2 Reapers x3 The Handler x2 The Globalist x2 Non-album tracks Nishe x2 Forced In x2 Host x1 Agitated x1 Dead Star x1 Dracula Mountain x1
  5. Just in, definitely thought the first night was better but being in the seating this time I could at least enjoy the light show more. The Glasgow jam was such a weird throwback because unless I'm mistaken it was literally the same one as in 2009, rather than Drones jam plus bagpipes. The absence of Madness was also quite odd, but I had thought it didn't get much of a response yesterday. The Handler & Take a Bow are my votes for best songs of the night again, definitely.
  6. Really happy with the gig last night, it was a great setlist and the crowd per pretty good where I was (round the back of the stage). I also didn't really notice Matt struggling with his vocals much (if at all) but I guess it's harder to tell when you're there. The highlights for me were definitely The Handler, The Globalist, Take a Bow & Citizen Erased.
  7. Watched the video two seconds ago. I'm "being an ass" about it because I often think people on here lack a bit of perspective. No, he literally said "maybe we'll work it out for next time".
  8. It would have been nice for them to play in in Belfast but I think taking some mumbled off-hand comment on stage over a year ago as a promise is really reaching. Do you guys follow through on stuff like that in your own lives?
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