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  1. Question #2 If you had the chance to meet the Pope and ask him anything you'd like, what would you want to know?
  2. Question #1 If you could change something in the music industry, what would it be and why?
  3. Seating is unreserved and Balcão 1 is the lower bowl. Ticketline still has tickets
  4. Crowd was definitely a surprise! Loved the chanting for the Psycho riff before the guys came on stage and the massive cheer for the first chords of The Handler. Did you see the confetti for Mercy?
  5. Yes, it was unbelievably tiny. You could almost touch the stage from barrier, it was that close. I was right in front of Matt and I saw Fury in the setlist but stopped looking cos I didn't want more spoilers. Lost my shit when Assasin started
  6. Exactly, I think he just takes subjects that interest him and uses them for his own purpose. He obviously has his own opinions on these matters and he brings a bit of that into the songs but I think with him ultimately it's more about "how can I use this to express a parallel to ___ " rather than giving his own input about it through a song. Still, it's a fact that he easily turned people's attentions to a matter (drooones) that maybe many would not have paid attention to otherwise. Which is fine, as he's a musician not a UN embassador lol
  7. True but I think that has more to do with the narrative. From that point on, it all becomes about fighting the oppressor and free oneself from their ruling. Who this oppressor is and their methods, that was dealt with in the previous songs; from that point on is how to liberate oneself from that. Fits, in my opinion.
  8. Well funnily enough, Matt just said last night on Xposure that he often imagines the protagonist as a female lol I don't know how serious he was, given this was right after being asked whether the story's protagonist had a name, and he kinda dodged the question, but there you go. He said she could be called.. Mary
  9. I think they're really quite clear too, blimey, this isn't exactly literature. Now if people like them or not, that's up to personal taste I suppose. For what it's worth, I think the lyrics for Reapers are pretty cool. I like the first verse the most.
  10. I heard that interview too and yeah he said the babe thing was to "throw people off" but he said it more as a joke in my opinion. Because then he continued talking about it after that and explained the same he did to at least another interview that I read, which is that that word refers to the more personal meaning of the song. The whole album is like that, there is a double interpretation. Yes, the album is about drones and deals with some heavier topics, there is a story, etc but, as usual with Muse and "themes", these bigger subjects are often a metaphor to express more personal things. It's a formula Matt's been using since forever. I see people going over the lyrics and overanalysing the meaning of the songs and somehow this, which I think is really obvious, still seems to escape some people *shrug*
  11. Against my predictions the first time I heard it, the solo/ bridge part doesn't get boring or tiring after a few listens. I've lost count to the number of times I heard this track and I get so incredibly pumped up when it gets there. It builds and builds and leads perfectly to the final part of the song. This is just a masterpiece. I don't have a favorite Muse song, just a few I hold higher (such as Showbiz, Stockholm Syndrome, Eternally Missed, among others) but I have a feeling this one, with time, could take the number one spot for me.
  12. Without a valid excuse? Unlikely. There are contracts for this stuff. I hope this matter is addressed by the band/ management. I have no doubts that the responsability for this outrageous situation falls on the promoters but in the end it is the band's image that is affected. Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if the result of all this is the band not bothering to return in the future. A hassle to negotiate, fans get ripped off and blame the band too - and this for gigs where it's likely they don't make as much money as they do in other parts of the globe. Good luck to all the Brazillian fans. I'm pretty sure that something did happen, though? Didn't they sell cheaper tickets after the complaints?
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