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  1. While we're on the topic of album vs live. Is there any live version of Hysteria where the guitar solo sounds better than the album version? There's tons of live versions where the song as a whole is tons better than the album. But the solo always leave me dissapointed, as the album one is amazing. Especially the second arpeggio part.
  2. Matt often plays on all the strings but uses his left hand to mute strings, pretty common technique. He might still be tremoloing only one string even though he's strumming all of them.
  3. I thought about that aswell, but I disagree. To me it looks like he's shredding, more than one string aswell.Ii could be wrong, guitarists have different styles, but compare with the verses and bridges in SS for example, looks a whole lot like that.
  4. I'd kill for a proshot of Dead Star
  5. Bråvalla plx! But if they wont come to sweden for regular gigs, I´d doubt it´d happen for a festival. But to be fair, It´s as mainstream as a festival can get. Im sure it would be an eye-opener for alot of swedes. Alot of people here doesn´t even know who they are. "Muse? Who?" *plays uprising* "Oh...".
  6. How is it "better"? It's just a matter of preference. Also, I think the riff sound alot beefier playing on 2 strings, eg: A I--12-0-0---12-0-0---12-0-5-6-7-0-10-11-12--- D I--12-0-0---12-0-0---12-0-5-6-7-0-10-11-12---
  7. Showbiz Showbiz Sunburn Cave Escape Muscle Museum Hate This and I'll Love You Spiral Static Falling Down Uno Unintended Sober Fillip Overdue Origin Of Symmetry Citizen Erased Bliss New Born Hyper Music Plug In Baby Micro Cuts Space Dementia Futurism Dark Shines Megalomania Feeling Good Screenager Absolution Stockholm Syndrome Interlude/Hysteria Fury Blackout Butterflies and Hurricanes Sing For Absolution Ruled By Secrecy Apocalypse Please Time Is Running Out Endlessly The Small Print Falling Aways With You Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist Black Holes & Revalations Map Of The Problematique Glorious City Of Delusion Knights of Cydonia Supermassive Black Hole Starlight Assassin (Would be alot higher if GOB) Take a Bow Hoodoo Invincible Soldier's Poem Exo-Politics The Resistance Exogenesis 2 Resistance Exogenesis 3 Uprising MK Ultra Unnatural Selection United States Of Eurasia Undisclosed Desires Exogenesis 1 Guiding Light I Belong To You The 2nd Law Prelude/Survival Supremacy Animals Unsustainable Liquid State Follow Me Madness Panic Station Isolated System Explorers Save Me Big Freeze
  8. 1. Bliss(ext) 2. Citizen Erased 3. Dead Star 4. Showbiz 5. Fury
  9. Man, I can't really tell if you're serious or not? His voice has not become "extremely visibly bad" now, the man is sick for fuck sake, is that such a hard thing to comprehend?
  10. I definitely respect the people who'd rather choose seats rather than standing when they can't take the harsh envoirnment that comes with standing infront of the stage. I remember Emirates night 2, me and my friends had barrier spots at the catwalk, at the start of the concert there where a couple next to me, and the guy started yelling at me and my friends to take it "fucking easy coz my girlfriend is fucking pregnant!". I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it got me so ticked off that I yelled back at him to suit themselves if they choose to go for barrier spots at a rock concert when she's fucking 6 month pregnant.
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