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  1. That's the really strange mentality behind this whole thing. Don't play a song because an arena audience won't know it... Yet it was broadcast and archived on their Twitter/Facebook/YouTube channel/Instagram page where people are most likely to hear about those arena gigs in the first place. I just checked and 2.8 million likes are coming from the United States making it the largest audience on Facebook The whole Origin of Symmetry debacle in the US is so beyond irrelevant at this point too. Like does anyone seriously believe that in the age of iTunes/Spotify/YouTube/Pandora that it matters that the released was botched 17 years ago and instead got released in 2005 and got a reissue in 2009 at the peak of their popularity in the US?
  2. Yet another example of Muse "still having it", which makes it all the more frustrating that these kinds of gigs don't happen way more often (and they don't even throw their hardcore fans a bone or two during the bigger shows). "a bunch of Americans are on the stream right now wondering what song is that" Yeah, no thanks to their touring habits in the United States. I know it's a factual statement but the same would go for everywhere else too. Forget about the Webster already Matt? This shit is incredibly frustrating to hear as a hardcore fan and I can't even imagine how it feels for the people who stood out in sub-zero weather and got shafted even harder than we did on the West Coast.
  3. Great, another awesome European show that anyone on that side of the pond can get to for less than $200 in travel fees. Meanwhile we'll be lucky to get Plug in Baby on the next tour.
  4. Almost bought into the hype and went to Red Rocks because "they have to do something special, it's red rocks!" Glad I didn't. Another $100 gig ($300 if you want one of the front two rows) with a 15 song setlist (B&H and Take a Bow so of course people are going to excuse it).
  5. Definitely not a bad setlist, just not long enough for a headlining gig, especially under the conditions that hardcore fans are enduring throughout this US tour (early entrance for the $300 VIP tickets so cough up the cash or wait in line starting at 4AM only to be two rows back). People can go on and on about the intensity of a set but that SBE gig had 16 songs, which had Assassin+Dead Star+Muscle Museum+Easily+Glorious+B&H+CE back to back. Toss in Reapers, The Handler, Defector/Revolt rotation, The Globalist and a dealer's choice slot (20 songs total) and I'd say that would've been one of the best sets they've played in years. As always, the line between a sub-par/decent set and one for the history books is not very much. Now that California is done with, they're dealing with places that never got a chance to see some of this material. This is still the Drones tour. Play more of it.
  6. At least Oakland 2015 got 17 songs (one of which was 10 minutes long).
  7. Remember when people were using The Globalist as a defense as to why we were getting 17 songs a night instead of the 19 we got from T2L's tour? Well, no Globalist tonight. 15 songs at a full priced headlining amphitheater gig.
  8. I've seen a lot of stupid shit coming from US fans lately. "They've turned a new leaf, this is the band I fell in love with!" kind of stuff. Precedent matters and precedent shows that the US shows will be/were terrible in comparison to everything else. The set will immediately improve when going up to Canada for a handful of shows and return to being the same old thing upon coming back down and Japan/Europe/Australia will be consistently above average and in some cases, significantly. I really hope people aren't getting their hopes up just because Take a Bow and the promised Assassin got played tonight in Belfast. This is nothing notable. This is business as usual and I'd love to be proven wrong (not that it matters though since any improvements made to their touring habits in the US seem to be forgotten at the end of tours).
  9. Everyone's saying it was a huge overreaction? How bad was it really? ACL 2013 had the worst downpour I've ever seen (cars floating down the street) and they only cancelled the following day after the city said the park would take hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damages if the festival continued.
  10. Shame Muse weren't playing tomorrow. What happened when ACL was cancelled in 2013 is the headliners and various notable acts did their individual shows in little 500-1000 capacity venue clubs.
  11. Setlist-wise it could go either way. T2L and The Resistance got some of the best setlists over there.... And it looks like you guys aren't getting fucked over with VIP passes where people who pay more get to enter the venue early if you care about being up close. Also keep in mind that the Origin of Muse thing they're doing will be fresh on their mind assuming it's really a Holiday 2017 release. I'll take $150 tickets over waiting 12 hours only to be three rows back like we get over here.
  12. Agreed, I don't get it at all. Great, Muse can put on a damn great show when they want to. Cool for the 2000 people that were lucky enough to see it on the other side of the world I guess? I'm beyond sick of people acting like the one admittedly great gig a year they end up doing invalidates the very legitimate complaints people have for the other 100+ that are subpar. In context it's even worse, opening for Rage Against the Machine and promising a proper metal fest exactly a month before Origin of Symmetry's anniversary R&L performance? I'm still upset over LA Rising.
  13. Jesus Christ. I've never heard that Earls Court version. Why in the hell would they mess with it?
  14. Don't do it. I can't see a gig being worth a $500-$1000 flight+accommodation.
  15. I hope people vote for that Do We Need This and Nature_1, that's like our only shot of hearing those tracks ever.
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