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  1. Now I wonder what fan would bring a sign that says Fury? Wonder if they're from Australia.
  2. As I was saying.... https://www.ottawabluesfest.ca/
  3. They're all but confirmed for Lolla.
  4. It was 2007. Muse had yet to release their 3 worst albums, every set was decent.
  5. Ottawa Bluesfest is announcing their lineup next week. They share A LOT of headliners with Festival D'ete in Quebec which Muse are also headlining. Muse has NOT played in Ottawa since 2004, and the gap in their tour dates indicate this is very possible.
  6. yes, because the facebook comment section is a great source of reliable information.
  7. no, no. That's the christmas gift.
  8. dylb88

    Drones stage set up

    Probably exaggerated what he's done. But he's played wrong notes before... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQi3EybfUEQ Around 1:35 of the video, Matt actually calls him out for it.
  9. The lighting is atrocious, why have a bright spotlight follow Matt around, yet you keep Chris and Dom, and Morgan (Hi down there!) In relative darkness in the middle. Also, Dom not being on any sort of drum riser is a complete joke.
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