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  1. Last I saw, Morgan was touring with Lily Allen (he was here with her when she played Splendour In The Grass I believe) and you're right, he isn't part of recording the albums, he's just their extra live dude/Japanese schoolgirl.
  2. https://twitter.com/Dominic_Howard/status/482339973060771840/photo/1 Well Dom is still a Targaryen elf and he likes art of Katy Perry.
  3. Happy day of being expelled from your mother's womb! Hooray
  4. I thought Nina Dobrev is on and off with her Vampire Diaries co-star (can't remember his name). I saw that pap pic, now the idiot tabloids think they're dating cause of one pic. She's super pretty though.
  5. I would assume so, pretty sure Dom has a house there, plus my LA buddies tell me it's hot as hell over there atm so he's probably taking advantage of that nice pool.
  6. The music video for the song just confuses me, even the Panic Station video didn't confuse me this much.
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