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Muse at the House of Blues Orlando in 2004 on Chris's birthday.

Nothing special, but I would have liked to see them in that venue.


That show was weird. The crowd was completely calm. We were front row and I could take two steps back and not touch anyone.

Maybe everyone was in awe?

But it was still a great show.

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just about any BIG show. out in the us the only big shows are festivals


i suggest that if ppl did get a time machine they go to the brick by brick (2004) show. audience was 100% hardcore fans when i could count the number of fans i know personally on one hand. 2 months after the first release of any muse album in the US.

(i got it imported prior)

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Glasto 2000

Le Zenith 2001

Montreal Jazz Festival 2002

Wembley 2003

Glasto/Earls Court/Orléans Zénith (furry falsetto :D) 2004

Buffalo, NY, USA (best cold aqua tomato's ever)/Live 8 (best bliss falsetto ever) 2005

Reading 2006

Wembley Stadium 2007

Royal Albert Hall 2008

Teignmouth 2009

Tokyo 2010

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Oh, and I forgot where it was...*smashes forehead* The "Hey You Crazy Kids!" gig. I would kill to see that.




It was a Radio 1 Big Weekend, can't remember where though.


I would have loved to have seen that show in all it's glory.

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