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    im a dork/nerd, and not up to par on how labeling goes in that area
    i like to hike, camp, and photography (entry level dslr)
    fan of football but i do not really watch it
    i own a paintball gun and dont go anymore :(
    have enjoyed jagermeister, metallica, and mosh pits
    i have an interest in general knowledge
    i am shy, while also sarcastic to hide my opinion
    i admire my reflexes
    im interested in tattoos
    i rotate my handwriting depending on how fast the ink dries
    i have no hope in humanity, and have a fascination with armageddon
    drink Jack and Coke but do not drink Coke by itself
    i enjoy salsa and chips, but i dont like onions and tomatoes (just the tortilla chips + salsa juice)
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    San Francisco, CA, US
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    Graphic Designer / Computer Technician
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    rage against the machine
    system of a down
    sigur ros
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    fight club
    28 days later
    children of men
    minority report
    vanilla sky
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    breaking bad
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    i am legend
    world war z
    snow crash
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    just the official music cds
  1. hi hi xogirl ! *edit* friend of mine got a reply on social media Doors open 6:30pm Show starts 7:30pm
  2. I have seats im going with a friend, so im not bothering to line early Venue states doors open one hour prior to show. Ticket have 730 printed on them. Is the 730 for when the doors open and show is 1 hour after. Or is that the show and the doors open one hour prior? :x I think im gonna call them later today to clarify
  3. i try to do GA for any show deemed worthy to attend ;p
  4. few photos rest of the photos Full Album HERE cool video of cell phone lights HERE
  5. haha. i am unsure of the space i would be good to work with, but i would for sure want some sort of large scale projection of the band's silhouettes on a back splash its really just a collection of LED zones and projected splashes for visualisations and pre-renders but i would have to do something that interacts with both the band by position/stance, along with the audio that his happening at the second
  6. i just scoped out how much effort security was doing and went to the lazy person that didnte ven look in my backpack lol not sure if im gonna bring my backpack today...
  7. pm sent ive been to SF a few times. not sure if im gonna do sightseeing. would have enjoyed doing alkhetraz(sp) but tix sell out 3+weeks in advance always. oops. Im not a beer drinker, but my host this weekend took me to "social" (socialbrewsf.com) [its half a block from 9th and irving, and like 6 short blocks from my host] was very good, and a good price. they are a local brewery (built inside the bar/restaurant) with a pizza place next door. im down for meeting up people if anyone cares. im going to attempt to take my DSLR with a 50mm inside today *crosses fingers*. sort of slept in and bein lazy atm since i think the cold is gonna wear on me by the end of the day. im thinkin of tryign to find $2-5 gloves i can cut the fingers off of. any suggestions? (someone get me a pair if they know where possibly?)
  8. thx for info melon. i think im gonna wear shorts as a lighter set of clothes with jeans and a jacket in a backpack with water.
  9. Them seperating the pits make it lax and not a crazy one near the front but crazy shit all sections. I was zone 1 and a blast. Bu I hear good things from all over diff style pits *edit* oya I need screening infoz
  10. Antsy at work. Â After hearing about the ga "sections" , gonna be queuein. Esitmating 900-915. Someone scout out if there is a breakfast place between the close hotels and the venue? Ill be able to grab some for the extra early peoples if so
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