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  1. Hey! I see you are from Alaska! So am I! I live in Kenai. I haven't met anyone else from AK on here so I am excited. :)

  2. Based on sheet music I have this Showbiz Sunburn - Emin Muscle Museum - F#min Filip - G Falling Down - A Cave - D Showbiz - F#min Unintended - E Uno - Emin Sober - B Escape - D Overdue - D Hate This And I'll Love You - Bmin OoS New Born - Emin Bliss - Cmin Space Dementia - Emin Hyper Music - Dmin Plug In Baby - D Citizen Erased - Amin Micro Cuts - Dmin Screenager - Gmin Dark Shines - Dmin Feeling Good - Gmin Megalomania - Emin Hullabaloo (disc 1) Forced In - Amin Shrinking Universe - Amin Recess - Amin Yes Please - Dmin Map Of Your Head - A Nature_1 - Bmin Shine Acoustic - C Ashamed - F#min The Gallery - Amin Hyper Chondriac Music - Dmin Absolution Intro - stomp stomp, stomp stomp stomp Apocalypse Please - F#min Time is Running Out - Amin Sing For Absolution - Dmin Stockholm Syndrome - Dmin Falling Away With You - C Interlude - Amin Hysteria - Amin Blackout - Bb Butterflies & Hurricanes - Dmin The Small Print - Bmin Endlessly - Amin Thoughts Of a Dying Atheist - Gmin Ruled By Secrecy - Fmin Black Holes and Revelations Take A Bow - D->D#->E->E#->F->F#->G->G#->A->A#->B Starlight - B Supermassive Black Hole - Emin Map Of The Problematique - Cmin Soldiers Poem - D Invincible - C Assassin - Dmin Exo Politics - Dmin City Of Delusion - Dmin Hoodoo - C Knights Of Cydonia - Emin->Cmin->G#->Emin I don't have the sheet music to the resistance but these are my best guesses Uprising - Dmin Resistance - Amin Undisclosed Desires - C United States Of Eurasia - Eb Guiding Light - C Unnatural Selection - Gmin MK Ultra - Dmin I Belong To You - Cmin Exo - Amin I'll do the B-sides later
  3. And also yes Guiding light is probably as close as it comes with a "C Am F Gsus G", its pretty much the same and for all purposes could be put into a melody and mix right in
  4. Citizen Erased has Am G F C, same chords, just a different order then the usual C Am F G
  5. the trick is to right click it and choose a different graphic option
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