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  1. Their banter was great :chuckle:


    That's true! I'm sure it'll work out.


    Yeah it sounds sweet - and coming out soon! I'm looking forward to The Outer Worlds a lot. Seems like a mix of Fallout New Vegas and Mass Effect and I loved both.

  2. 1. Algorithm 2. Map Of The Problematique 3. Psycho 4. The Groove 5. Break It To Me 6. Supermassive Black Hole 7. Sing For Absolution 8. Butterflies And Hurricanes 9. Thought Contagion 10. Muscle Museum 11. Citizen Erased 12. The Dark Side (AR) 13. Space Dementia 14. Follow Me 15. Propaganda 16. Plug In Baby 17. MK Ultra 18. Reapers Encore 19. Showbiz 20. Dead Star 21. Stockholm Syndrome + Riffs Encore 22. Neutron Star Collision 23. Survival
  3. Have no idea what to expect from Invision but hopefully it works nicely. Superherohype forums recently changed from vBulletin to Xenforo and it's been working great so far. There were a couple of hiccups at the beginning which unfortunately caused some members to leave the site.
  4. Happy New Year! :awesome:


    I love that Oliver's first thought was to blame Barry and that it was his fault somehow.:chuckle:


    They love touring so I have no doubt that they'll come by your neck of the woods.


    So excited for the Resident Evil 2 remake. Haven't been this excited about a game in a loooong time.

  5. And Happy New Year! :party:


    He was pretty entertaining! I thought the writing was pretty clever with all the references and inside jokes. The first episode especially had a lot of laughs. I love when Oliver was being the Flash for the first time and he didn't know what to do, so he just said "You have failed this city!". :chuckle:. Yeah I would have love for some cameos!


    I'm holding out hope. It's weird there are no Pacific Northwest dates, even like Seattle and Portland, and none in Western Canada. You could be right!

  6. Thanks and you too! :happy:


    Tyler Hoechlin was having way too much hamming it up as evil Superman.:chuckle: Also loved Barry and Oliver calling each other on their emotional speeches and quaterbacking. I was also somewhat disappointed that they didn't have the Smallville cast show up after playing their theme song.:noey:


    Maybe on the second US leg?

  7. Merry belated Christmas! Hope you had a good holiday!


    Elseworlds was great! I'm not watching Supergirl so it was nice to see a Superman on the show for the first time. I thought he was a likeable Clark Kent. I actually finally stopped watching Arrow, after watching the first few episodes this season :noey:. Last I saw he was still in prison, so clearly stuff went down to get him out by now.


    Still no Vancouver tour date :erm:

  8. Already finished all of my Xmas shopping.:shifty:


    Having a break as well. Watched the CWDC annual crossover event and it was very fun. It's weird seeing how things have changed, like team arrow working for ARGUS now.

  9. That's what I'm thinking, yeah!


    Still no snow :noey:, just a lot of rain. At least I got my shopping done! (most of it :shifty:)


    Had finals for the last two weeks though, and lots of marking. Last one on Wednesday. Looking forward to a break! How about you?

  10. They could potentially have fun with arcade type of visuals, especially with randomly choosing between two songs, like the roulette from T2L tour.


    Hopefully you do get a snowy christmas! :yesey: Now gotta get started on the shopping.

  11. Even though I pre-ordered the album, I did too :ninja: I just couldn't wait!


    Yeah the gospel version isn't great either... ahh well. The visual style of the album and music video will translate so well live, too :yesey:. I'm picturing lots of lasers.


    YEP! Since we have Thanksgiving in mid-October here, we don't have a buffer between Halloween and Christmas, so the Christmas feels have been going around since November 1 :chuckle:. Hitting December is pretty exciting though. There's already snow on some of the mountains nearby. As always, hoping for a snowy Christmas! :awesome:

  12. Maybe, and I didn't even have to pre-order the album...since I may have downloaded some leaks. :ninja:


    BITM and Propaganda are amazing.:yesey: Everyone keeps saying that the gospel version of Dig Down is great and yet it still doesn't do anything for me. They're both going to be monsters live. :awesome:


    It's almost Christmas! :awesome:

  13. Nice! :awesome: Have fun! Huh, maybe being a muse.mu member got you the code? I dunno. Either way I'm glad you got a ticket!


    SO good. Break It To Me and Propaganda are so ridiculously weird but they work so well! I love how in-your-face Propaganda is. I don't know why I wrote Dig Down in my last message, I meant Dark Side :facepalm: not a fan of Dig Down but The Dark Side is one of the best on the album for sure. I was a huge fan of it when it was released and it works so well on the album too. Yeah a lot of them are going to be so great live! I can already see them opening their concerts with Algorithm or their encores with The Void or something - they're both so immersive. Agree about the music videos too. Love the feel of them and they fit the album perfectly. :awesome:

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