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  1. Someone on one of the Muse forums said they lowered the price of GA since it was not selling well and probably did not take down the original price. Pretty sure there is no difference.
  2. Yes. Its the end of the long catwalk. Probably the best place to stand if you are tall.
  3. Exactly. Where would they know where to line up? lol I have the cheaper vip so I was curious as to what time people line up. I had early entry for The Killers and while I was on my way to Universal Studios (venue right next door) I noticed early entry people lined up at 830am. So aggravating. Hope people dont get that desperate.
  4. Does anyone have an idea what time people line up for VIP? I know the check in is around 330 so I assumed around that time. I was reading reddit (maybe) and someone mentioned lining up at 10am for VIP. I was hoping a perk was avoiding all that. booo.
  5. Good luck! Have you guys decided yet? I have a few people I'd like to take to see Muse but they don't want to travel. I'm going to be at this show. I live in Florida so we will be driving 5-6 hours. Wish we could fly but we are too cheap.
  6. Someone said they are 5'4 and could barely see over the b stage to the main stage. I'm 5'0 so I'm sad. I literally went online and bought boots with a 4 inch heel so I could maybe have a chance to see over the stage. ugh.
  7. Exactly. So maybe next time dont sell vip, sell less, or block off a section for them. Easy. That comment thread associated with that above tweet is ridiculous. How are people mad that VIP want what they pay for?
  8. wow im even more impressed! Being that far back and getting that good of shots. *high five* What kind of dslr and lens did you use?
  9. Those are really beautiful photos! So jealous lol Where did you have to stand to take them?
  10. Looks like salt lake is using a half arena set up. *edit* nevermind. it just looks smaller.
  11. This has been their response on Twitter.
  12. I'm having the same problem. https://forum.muse.mu/profile/505671-plastic-passion/ that is my old username and pretty sure my email from 15 years ago is from aol. haaaalp! actually it should be the same email because when i logged into the site with my email it automatically gave me the same username.
  13. I'm having the same problem. https://forum.muse.mu/profile/505671-plastic-passion/ that is my old username and pretty sure my email from 15 years ago is from aol. haaaalp!
  14. May 30. This was what it said- >>Thank you for joining us for MUSE. We hope that you had a great time! We apologize your merchandise was not available at the event. We are eager to collect your mailing address and have the items sent out to you as soon as possible. Please complete the survey below by 6:00 PM ET on Friday, June 2nd. If we do not receive your response, we will have the items mailed to the billing address listed on your order.<<
  15. nope. got the email asking to confirm my address for the shipment but nothing yet.
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