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  1. Not a good opinion of Big Freeze or Explorers on first listen. Unsure about Liquid State but Save Me is absolute class, one of the strongest tracks for sure. Panic Station, Supremacy, Save Me and Animals are all quality! Still a fan of Unsustainable and Isolated System is a beautiful outro. Follow Me gets progressively better.
  2. Question about illegitamite children. Oh my Dom at the end with the pronunciation of 'muse' as 'moose' 'Well that's different spelling isn't it.. and it's also an animal..'
  3. Most vivid memory is the start of Uprising and just how crazy all of GA went. After 5 minutes I had been pushed to the very centre of the stage, having started 2nd row right in front of Matt. I remember just looking at my friend and saying 'holy fuck.' The crowd Everyone knew all the words, everyone was just ecstatic and everyone was losing their shit and the band were loving it as well By the encore I ended up over to the left, maybe fifth row back. SS just blew my mind. I was almost in tears. I loved looking up and seeing the people with rear view seats just going insane, and waving to Dom everytime the drum riser was facing them and pointing to the mosh Such, such a good night.
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