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  1. Why of course.

    We're ninja assassins we don't need to justify ourselves!

    Off to lurk I go.. :shifty:

  2. I think that would be very wise :chuckle:

    ... For the sake of research :shifty:

  3. Maybe I should go have a lurk in the PMT then :shifty:

    all in the name of research of course :chuckle:

  4. Why thank you :chuckle:

    The closer it gets to the dates, the more :eyebrows: & :stongue: all of our sigs should get me thinks!

  5. New sig Bee :eyebrows: very nice :chuckle:

  6. That's alright yeah me either I was like :eek: better fix that!

  7. Hey! Thanks for the friend request, I didn't even know we weren't friends on here :LOL:

  8. Floooooooooooooooooooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnncccccccce

  9. I couldn't have said anything else really. :ninja:

  10. Exactly what I was hoping you would say... :ninja:


    Ninja Assassins better fuck them up. :shifty:

  12. haven't listened to a full Muse album but my favorite song is Starlight with second being Supermassive Black Hole

    I am not joking, I just saw that in the Australian tour thread...

    If all the ninja assassins miss out because of this.... :fear:

  13. Nahh it's alright I'm recently becoming obsessed :chuckle:


    Yep, Muse are just once in a lifetime. I would honestly have dropped everything to assure I got tix- they're so worth it :happy:

    That's so exciting about your Uni graduation being on around the same time! What an awesome few weeks you will have!

    Alright, seeya xx

    Good luck tomorrow!

  14. I actually never got into SATC, I enjoyed the movie but wasn't a fan of the show...please don't hate me *cowers behind the bed*...nah I've got uni stuff that's meant to be distracting me at the moment but I'm failing at being distracted from the board :chuckle:


    Yes, I also hope the boardies snatch up all the tickets...I'll be doing everything in my power to secure my two - I've missed out on Muse too often, this is hopefully my year, and with uni graduation a week or so before the concert the timing is just right :D


    I think I'm going to get off here now though, unwind so I can go to bed and get some sleep...must remember to set alarm tomorrow because all of Australia will hear me scream should I forget to set my alarm and miss out on tickets :LOL: Have a good one, see you tomorrow

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