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  1. Thanks! :awesome: Now I can drink legally lol

  2. I have that for when my mom calls me. "Fear and panic in the air......"
  3. I will make a cake and my family will eat it but I will never tell them its for Matt I used to make sweets all the time.
  4. Honestly, I really just want them to make like ONE silly song that isn't about eternal love, revolution, or apocalypse like, just get some simple acoustic stuff going, or piano chords and just sing about, like a Orange Mocha Frappuccino or something. Just as a one off they probably wouldn't be able to pull it off though
  5. When you're the original, you can argue that that's how it's meant to be done.
  6. I didn't think it was horrible but it was a bit boring. The way he sang the verses was a bit mechanical and didn't have enough personality I think the fact that Matt does the song and mood so easily makes it seem like this guy did terrible, but really, if someone I knew sang it like that I would be pretty proud to know them.
  7. Neither Most people won't bother reading it, but it sums my feelings up about mostly anyone who speaks using "political" language. Say what you mean! We can't tell what you mean when you say "libertarian" .... or at least I can't because it's been used so many ways that I don't know if its good, bad, or just your opinion.
  8. This part made me laugh pretty hard: "Biggest Snark-Related Culture Clash After an entire awards show during which America's cool kids derisively snorted, "Who the hell are Lady Antebellum?" every time the country trio scored major awards (including Song of the Year and Record of the Year), the entire rest of the country had the pleasure of ending the night asking, "Who the hell are Arcade Fire?" I kinda love Lady Antebellum though
  9. I know I remember her. And knowing Muse fans, she knows her article will get a lot of views if it pops up when we search Muse in News. Smart on her part is what I mean
  10. :awesome:


    GOod plan! :indiff: Ok well I'm off.... need to go to my dear sweet internetless home


    nice chatting with you! :happy:

  11. :phu: I'm a young adult, I'm allowed to party :chuckle:


    I'm the one who got the ride yesterday :awesome: this guy who likes me told his ride to pick me up. At the end of the night I was dropped off at home by another guy who likes me though :$ i felt like a 'ho-bag

  12. D: I know!


    Also, none of my friends go to "college" except for my cousin and she doesn't have class today :(


    Mmmmmmm pizza..... that sounds sooo good right now cuz I'm on a slight hangover :LOL:

  13. :chuckle: i actually have practice in about 1.5 hours and usually eat out and hang out at school and do homework/interwebz.... but I realized when I got to school that I left my wallet at home :(
  14. good productivity :LOL:


    I'm still at school because at home our internet is down :indiff: but food is at home and I'm starving :facepalm:

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