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    Stade de France, 22/06/13
    Stade de France, 21/06/13
    Amsterdam ArenA, 04/06/13
    Horse Guards Parade 06/13
    Emirates, London, 26/05/13
    Emirates, London, 25/05/13
    Ricoh, Coventry, 22/05/13
    Shepherd's Bush, 18/02/13
    Atlas Arena, Poland, 23/11/12
    Olympiahalle, Munich, 12/11/12
    O2 Arena,London, 27/10/12
    O2 Arena, London, 26/10/12
    The Roundhouse, 30/09/12
    Reading Festival 2011
    Wembley Stadium, 11/09/10
    Wembley Stadium, 10/09/10
    Manchester, 04/09/10
    Oxegen Festival, Ireland, 10/07/10
    Stade de France, Paris, 12/06/10
    Stade de France, Paris, 11/06/10
    Stade de Suisse, Bern 02/06/10
    O2 Arena, London, 12/11/09
    O2 Arena, Dublin, 06/11/09
    The Den, Teignmouth, 05/09/09
    V Fest 16/08/08
    Marlay Park, Dublin 13/08/08
    Royal Albert Hall 12/04/08
    Wembley Stadium, 16/06/07
    Wembley Arena, 22/11/06
    Wembley Arena, 21/11/06
    Earls Court,19/12/04
    Brighton Centre, 04/12/03

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  1. I'm guessing you were joking about that song?? I need to keep up with all the false rumours, so much unnecessary trolling going on!

  2. Thank you! It's always been a favourite of mine, don't know why! It just rolls off the tongue when singing it! :D

  3. Love the new sig Pip!

  4. Let me guess, you're by the doors already? :p

  5. Okay, sounds great!

  6. Great! I might bump into you, i'm with friends but I'll try and say hi! Who are the other musers coming??

  7. Are you still coming to Kasabian tomorrow???

  8. Great! Those were taken with my TZ7, not used my TZ10 at any gigs yet but hope to get some at the Kasabian gig on Monday :)


    I use the high-speed burst mode at gigs as I find that the best way of getting some decent shots. Obviously you do end up with literally hundreds of pics to sort through but that doesn't bother me! :LOL:


    Took these pics with my TZ10 yesterday:




    As you can see, it's a pretty good camera! :happy:

  9. Thanks for your advice Pip. Managed to find a TZ10 from Amazon. I was looking at your pics from LCCC on flikr & they are fab. What settings did you use? Were they continuous shooting mode? Cheers Karen

  10. Firstly, the picture quality in less than perfect light of the TZ20 is pretty poor. I bought one and sent it back within days, was VERY disappointed with it compared to my old TZ7!


    Instead I bought the older TZ10 which has the same sensor as my old TZ7 and takes MUCH better photos than the TZ20.


    Not sure about XP, I've got Windows 7 and that recognises and plays the AVCHD videos, that's the setting I always use.


    I actually know someone (on a forum, trustworthy) who's selling a TZ10 (they're becoming scarce and increasing in price brand new) with a 16GB card and a case for £160, very good price, he's not had it very long at all.



  11. HI Pip wonder if you can help me. I'm thinking of buying Panasonic TZ20 camera & i know you have a panasonic too (lovely birds on youtube) if I record in Avchd can I play on a winXP system or will I have to convert file to Mpeg? Does your camera record in motion jpeg & if so is this easier to play back. I'm a bit confused!!! Cheers Karen

  12. Hi Tania :) Have you sold your Kasabian Brighton ticket yet?

  13. Pip

    Sorry Becks, only just spotted this! That is simply hilarious! Thank you for sharing the link! :LOL::LOL:

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