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  1. I just logged in after 4 years to vote the fuck out of The Handler. See ya next album.
  2. >but the group admit it isn't sounding as good as they hoped in rehearsals. Kind of expected this, unfortunately.
  3. James Durbin on American Idol just covered Uprising on American Idol. I thought it was sounding bad at first until he got to the final chorus, and sang the song in the upper octave! I was thoroughly impressed (Matt sang it in the upper octave on the studio album but has never done this live). Apparently also Matt emailed James and challenged him to sing the last chorus in the upper octave, which is probably the only reason he covered it. Will edit with links once it appears on YouTube. EDIT: Get it while it's fresh! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3JtcGk5p7k
  4. Usually they have new songs, which they make while touring, for their next album but I have a feeling they didn't do anything of the sort this tour. So I think it'll be a while before we hear about the next album from them.
  5. When you're on tour you don't eat much because you're so busy doing other things. And he was probably binge drinking a lot during this time, and it might be his shrooms period too Or he could be just like me and have a very fast metabolism.
  6. I know! Supposedly he hates interviews as well since he's so shy. His buck teeth just make him all the more funnier You've probably already seen this interview, but here's for people who want to get an idea of what he was like. [YT] [/YT] "I love my job, but I hate talking to people like you."
  7. We should be used to Carrie logic by now Her opinion is always right, no matter what
  8. Well, if you knew Freddie Mercury from interviews, you would know he's not like that either. But anyway, this poll is stupid and subjective to taste in music.
  9. Damnit, they should have taken better advantage of his phone number. I wanted to hear him really rage
  10. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays! <3 :) ---

    Love, Mimi

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