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Found 8 results

  1. Over the years I've heard; Muscle Museum Showbiz Sunburn Unintended Bliss Hysteria New Born Citizen Erased Plug in Baby Microcuts Space Dementia Feeling Good Ruled by Secrecy Sing for Absolution Butterflies & Hurricanes Time is Running Out Apocalypse Please The Small Print Stockholm Syndrome Blackout Thoughts of a Dying Aethiest Knights Of Cydonia Supermassive Black Hole Map Of The Problematique Invincible Starlight Take A Bow Hoodoo City of Delusion Soldiers Poem DES (Glorious) The Groove Man Of Mystery Forced In V 04, Earls Court 04, Reading 06 & Wembley 07 Pretty good range me thinks Though I'd love to hear Map of Your Head.. Doubt it'll ever happen!
  2. I had a very weird dream that Dom was playing Apocalypse Please for me on the piano, and he sucked! I just wanted to share that..
  3. Y'know, by which I mean you get bored of a song or just don't listen to it, and suddenly it comes on and you listen to it, and you realise how great it is/was! For me it's been: The Small Print: Skipped it lots Stockholm Syndrome: I got annoyed with the riff at the start, I thought it started things too slowly. Now I find the willpower to wait it out. Apocalypse Please: Largely because of the 'Why does everyone bum Apocalypse Please?' thread. You must have some!
  4. Simple.. Post your favourite quotes from muse songs.. From any album. Please say like, what song and album you got it from. Fun
  5. geiaaaa!!!! Sto palio forum yphrxe ena thread gia ellines kai kalo 8a einai na yparxei kai sto kainourio to ksekinaw afto gia na gnwristoume metaksy mas kai na milame sta ellinika edw afta gia twra 8a ta poume syntoma loipon
  6. How would you rate The Resistance? Feel free to give a short review including: Good things about the album Bad things about the album Best track Worst track Favourite moment This is all part of a comparative survey to compare and contrast each of the 5 albums, hence the standardised approach!
  7. i heard from my friend the other day that Brett Anderson (suede singer) looks like matthew bellamy?!?!?! i understand where hes coming from but NO! lol.. but i think he does look like edward scissor hands (1990) when joony depp played him.. i bet ppl with disagree with me... lol.... is there anyone else who looks like matthew bellamy out there?? suggestions appericiated!!
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