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  1. what! Defector is like the most uplifting song ever
  2. Tunavi


    Please play jfk/detector at my funeral when I go. You know, in a while.
  3. My thoughts so far. Dead Inside is between okay and good (initially hated it) Drill Sergeant shouldn't be on the album Psycho is good Mercy is good (initially hated it) Reapers is great (initially hated the chorus) Handler is great JFK is great Defector is great Revolt is good (Took me a few listens, the production is top notch here) Aftermath is just okay (I've listened to it a lot actually, it's very boring, I don't know if it will age well. Should have been a b-side.) As a single song, The Globalist isn't great. It has the best section from the album in the prog breakdown, but the song overall does not work. By genre variation, the Globalist is: good (Morricone section), great (Pink floyd), great (prog section), bad (ballad section) Drones is bad. (the lyrics completely ruin it for me) In my own personal music library I edited the globalist and made the morricone section, the floyd section and prog section parts 1, 2, and 3 while removing the ending ballad. Also took out drill sergeant, aftermath and Drones. other than that, this is a great album. Time will tell how it stacks against the others but I enjoy this a lot compared to resistance and 2nd law. it flows better than absolution. Gives black holes a run for its money. time will tell.
  4. Tunavi


    um thats the best part
  5. Good Prelude Animals Liquid State Unsustainable Okay Supremacy Panic Station Survival Explorers Bad Madness Follow Me Big Freeze Save Me Isolated System 2nd law has no legs. Definitely my least favorite Muse album. It has not aged well.
  6. jesus i forgot about this song. completely. and I thought i knew every muse song
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