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Earl's Court 2004.


I've seen less impressive sets in the 'Perfect Set List' thread!


Dracula Mountain (instrumental)

Intro + Apocalypse Please


The Small Print

Sing for Absolution

Micro Cuts

Citizen Erased

Take a Bow (instrumental)

Space Dementia

Ruled by Secrecy

Piano interlude + Sunburn (keyboard)

New Born

Butterflies & Hurricanes

Muscle Museum


Plug In Baby



Time Is Running Out



Stockholm Syndrome + Execution Commentary + Hyper Chondriac Music outro


....and V-fest '08, just for Dead Star.

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Too many to choose from, but definitley these:


Astoria, 2000 (+ other early gigs)

Glastonbury, 2004

Reading, 2006

Wembley, both nights, 2007

Royal Albert Hall, 2008

Parken, 2009 (mostly because I've heard it was a great gig.. and it was in Denmark. Where was I?! :facepalm:


Also, some of the concerts in Japan, maybe Tokyo International Forum, 2007

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Astoria 2000

Le Zenith 2001

Montreux 2002

Glasgow 2003/04 coz the set was pretty good and i live there.

Earls Court 2004

Glasto 2004

Glasgow 2006, again coz i live there

Wembley 2007 2nd night

Birmingham 2009 coz they debuted MK Ultra after not playing it in Glasgow the night before :mad:

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I would make sure I liked them more when they came to my city because I'd only just started listening to them when they did and I regret it so much. If they had left it 2 months later I would have seen them and wouldn't have to be sitting here crying that I'm not going to Reading tomorrow.

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Go back in time, that's the best thing ever, id see all the legends of the 50s , elvis , eddie cochrane,Billy fury,buddy Holly. Id also see muse at the battle of the bands, and at some pub gigs before they got famous. if I could go back id be so young. Why does time go so fast?

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Earls Court '04 (Both nights)

Montreux Jazz Festival '02

Eurockeennes '00

Royal Albert Hall '08

Le Zenith '01 (Both nights)

Shepherds Bush Empire '06

Manchester LCCC '09

Leeds Festival '11


That way I would have seen all of OOS and BHAR, most of Showbiz, Absolution and The Resistance, Glorious, In Your World, Dead Star and Agitated :happy:

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I would like to go back to Earls Court 2004 (first night) and experience that show through the eyes of a 22-year-old rather than a 15-year-old who had only been to one gig before that.


Yes this!


Probably also some of the early gigs in Devon. Gotta freak bands out if someone turns up to a gig with 8 people there and sings all the words to their new demos.

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Haha, Niall, that would be brilliant!


Matt : "We're going to play a new song now we've never played before, it's called Showbiz"

Some bloke in the crowd : "OH MY FUCKING GOD! YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!"



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Or even...

"This one's called Boredom...we, er, we've never played this one live"

*evil grin*


The obviously handing over a copy of The Resistance for the band to sign. Think that would probably put the band off playing forever.


Matt did find it pretty funny when someone requested Jimmy Kane at Shepherd's Bush in 2006.

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