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  1. They have been part of the community for 11 years based on their registration date. If there are any issues with spamming then please report the posts using the report button. Thanks It would be great if you didn't attack people who haven't done anything to you. If you see a behaviour/post you think is out of line then report it. Thanks
  2. Please do not spam the gig thread asking for tickets. If anybody has tickets to sell or swap there would either be on the Musebay thread or they will be posted on the twitter using the twicket system. Thanks
  3. No circle seat are high. Best seat (excluding boxes) are stall seats because the sections on either side of the stage are so close to the stage you are almost on stage and above the heads of everybody standing.
  4. There has been 2 mod request to stop this - as Jess said feel free to move to reddit to discuss or speculate. If it continues here then it will move to warnings. Thanks
  5. As someone said it has nothing to do with the band, so can we please keep it off the official forum and stay on the topic of the actual gig and performance? You are the rest of the internet to discuss whatever else you want. Thanks.
  6. The Helen Foundation whose patrons are Muse and Tom Kirk are auctioning a one of a kind memorabilia for fans — a signed T-shirt and drumsticks. Not only you can get your hands on those but you will also help a great organisation. All proceeds go directly to The Helen Foundation, an arts-based charity to support and motivate young people in all branches of the arts in Teignbridge, South Devon. So go on and get bidding! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MUSE-fully-signed-O2-DRONES-T-shirts-FRAMED-Dominic-Howards-O2-drumsticks/132378788502
  7. If you want to discuss what songs are on those setlist photos please make sure to use spoilers and also label your spoilers so people know what they are about so they don't click on them by mistake. Thanks. To label a spoiler [ spoiler = title ] omg, does that say Guiding Light thirteen times? [ / spoiler ] without any spaces in the [...]
  8. Please remember if you have tickets to sell or swap please post them on the Musebay thread http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=88005&page=2 If you are looking for a ticket please keep an eye on the Musebay thread. Well done to anybody you managed to snag tickets today.
  9. When will trolls learn that slagging Muse on this board will never work and we can always do it so much better than them.
  10. Thanks to the people who actually reported this. This reads like two 12 year-olds who got bored.
  11. If you are looking for a ticket for this show there is no need to post here - just keep an eye on the Musebay thread. Any spare tickets for sale will be advertised on there. http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=88005 Thanks
  12. Don't see how this relate to the North American Tour - there is a thread for the SBE gig for all discussion about that gig.
  13. Ticketmaster has the gig listed and confirmed ticket prices will be £78.25 & £258.50 (I imagine the £258 is some kind of hospitality package).
  14. We already have a cover thread, so please feel free to use to post your covers. Thanks, http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=85622&page=98
  15. As mentioned above, please use Musebay to advertise for tix. Thanks,
  16. We don't need a setlist prediction thread for every single gig. You can use the existing gig thread to discuss possible setlist.
  17. Good for you however this does not warrant its own thread.
  18. Please use the existing thread for this gig to ask any questions. Thanks http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=129804&page=2
  19. I would suggest to wait until an actual gig is announced and then post on the gig thread to meet other people going as well. In the meantime there are plenty of discussions on here you can join to get to know people so locking this.
  20. I think that was the loveline interview. Part 1: There are 6 parts in total.
  21. If you want to discuss the new song please use this thread: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?p=11627624#post11627624 You can keep posting here for any discussion about future gigs. Thanks!
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