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  1. Hey, I couldn't help but notice that you lived in Australia, and that judging by the fact that you saw them at Acer Arena you possibly live in Sydney? (Ok, yeah, I full on stalked you :$).

  2. Ouch D: I hope that too :p

  3. Hah I'm sure they'll look ok... As long as I get straight teeth in the end. I hope they don't cut up the insides of my cheeks like last time :(

  4. ah well, if you need them you need them. I'm sure they'll look lovely :p x

  5. Personally I find guys with braces pretty cute, and girls too, but I don't think they suit me :$:chuckle:

  6. Yes they aaare, there are a couple girls I know with braces, and every time they smile I'm just like eeeeeeee :happy: Each to their own though :LOL:

  7. I know, I know... But it would be easier if we only ate liquid food... Yeah... i don't even know what i'm on about :chuckle:


    But they're not! I got them on when i was 9 because I had an underbite but now I need them again... Again, teeth, why bother? :p

  8. The point is so you can, uh, eat stuff :LOL:


    And braces are so cute :awesome:

  9. Ok, I'll try :p


    Oh my god that sounds awful... ARGH teeth, man, what's the point? I have to get braces on in a few weeks. Sigh. :noey:

  10. I just ignore it. If they laugh at someone like that, they're obviously dicks so I don't dignify their actions by letting it get to me (which was probably the intention - don't feed the trolls! XD)


    And yeah, I had a tooth taken out like last year. It was HORRIBLE. I was sat there, my mouth wide open, and she was jerking my head side to side with pliers and I could feel the roots breaking, urrrrgh :supersad: Glad I had it done though, the tooth had died so there was a big infectious lump in the gum. The bad part is, it could have easily been fixable, but the end of the bloody dentist's tiny little tool broke off right down inside the tooth. And she quoted £600 to put right something she'd done. I was like, no thanks, just take the fucker out :chuckle:

  11. Aw thanks, it's good to know someone understands :happy: I've had people call me "emo" quite often and laugh about it, it does hurt quite alot, especially when they make jokes about cutting... It hurts.


    I know, that's what I actually think... Ah it just makes me guilty all the time. I'm not even sure why I would feel guilty for feeling shit all the time, but I do... :(


    Oh my goodness, this is unrelated, but I went to the dentist today to get two teeth pulled out... One of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. I hate local anesthetic! Argh my jaw still aches and it's made me feel like I haven't slept in two days. asdfghjkdfsnmdsgf

  12. You don't sound like that at all, honey. I've had people wrongly tell me that I was just a stupid emo without any real problems, and it hurt, so I believe you 100%. As for liking internet friends more than real ones, I completely understand. For all the time before I started this course, I had barely any real life friends and only internet ones. So I can see where you're coming from with that.


    Reminding myself of those less fortunate doesn't help me because the way I see it, all problems are relative. If something affects you, it affects you, so there's no shame in being upset about anything :kiss:

  13. I know this sounds really sort of, like a cliche dumb little 11 year old hipster girl who thinks she has no friends but has a perfectly healthy amount, but I like my internet friends more than the ones I have at school... :( I wish I had more than a few people in my school that I'm generally glad to see everyday.


    Oh man, that's horrible :supersad: I know how you feel, I have days like that often, but then I try to remind myself about the kids in Africa and all that, y'know... Sigh. I hope you're feeling better now, remember that tomorrow is always a chance to start off afresh. :happy: It's highly unlikely that you'll have more than one totally shit day in a row haha, well, hopefully, at least. :kiss:

  14. It's the opposite for me, sitting at the computer all day is pretty much all I've done for the last decade or so and it's so boring. And I love pretty much everyone in my class, so I miss them ;~;


    Today was just shit. Tried to find the Yellowcard album I wanted in the record store, didn't have it. Walked to college, had a cup of tea from a vending machine that was so hot I couldn't touch it for about fifteen minutes. Then maths, which was shitty because it was so frustrating because I'm so crap at it. Then I walked around town, bored off my arse, and I thought about how much I was missing all my friends, so that made me depressed and I just felt like just curling up and crying. And as a cherry on the cake, I've always had this thing where if I get sad, I start thinking about all my other problems too so everything just culminated into a massive ball of depressing-ness :supersad:


    Sorry for rant, it's just been a monumentally shit day D: x

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