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  1. Hi,

    I went on saturday 17th of October to listen to Muse in Buenos Aires and I was completely dissapointed with the concert because the sound was really low. Most of us in the back field were singing "we cant hear" (in spanish), which means this was something that really bothered a lot of us.


    I do not say this to offend anybody. I just think that in a proffessional concert where you pay that much money to listen to a band, at least I could expect to listen well to the music. And if not, at least the people in charge of that should now that there was something going wrong.


    I hope it is useful for the next time! Regards!

  2. Hi ! Can you please re-open my fave album thread including drones? Noone can voe on the current one who already voted...some may have changed their mind, or Drones is their number one? Please! You can lock the current one then. ..

  3. The interview should just be on their youtube page, if you don't want to sit through all the wittering and reviews :happy: btw, The Thirty Nine Steps was ace, though the internet connection wasn't playing ball at the time.

  4. Thanks for the info :) I might have to catch it on the iplayer as I might go see Noah on Friday

  5. Hey, Aronofsky's on the Kermode and Mayo show this Friday :)

  6. Wow, you have been busy. The publicity was everywhere for a lot of the summer. The documentary's had something like three weeks of extended running here :mad: So many films just haven't been shown here at all while it's been running, most upsettingly A Single Shot :(


    Speaking of upsetting, seems I accidentally ordered Hunger instead of Killing Them Softly. Ulp.

  7. Believe I am not a 3D fan but this is the one film that needs to be seen in 3D ti's beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Oh and the soundtrack works perfectly in the film. One Direction has a film :stunned:

  8. I'm seriously excited to see it. Gonna have to wait another week and a bit though :( it comes out here on the 20somethingth (because apparently One Direction's film needed to repeat. Again!). I'm not massively into 3D but I put up with it for Pacific Rim (partly because that was huge and bright enough that my usual 3D quibbles weren't a thing) and hey, even Mark Kermode says it's worth seeing in that formal :pope:

  9. Just came back from seeing Gravity, it's mind blowing. You have to see it 3D if you want the full experience. I'm a 3D fan but if there's one film made for 3D it's that one. Amazing even if it gave me a bit of motion sickness at time :LOL:

  10. Amen to Pan's Labyrinth. My parents let me watch it when I was 12 (so I missed a lot of what made it so great, though it left a big impression on me) and I don't understand how it didn't give me nightmares afterwards.

  11. Yes it is definitely the kind of film that has to be watched at the cinema on the big screen.

    I grew up watching films with my grandfather so apart from the usual Disney the films of my childhood are Gone With The Wind, The 10 Commandments, Shogun Assassin or The Greatest Show On Earth... not your typical kids movie :LOL: I can actually do remember watching Return of the Jedi for the first time when I was 6.

    Pan's Labyrinth is such an amazing film.

  12. I think some guys from history society are keen :) so I should be going sometime next week. Pity I can't see it at an Imax, but I'm damned if I'm not watching at a cinema.


    I figured Hitchcock must be like that for a lot of people, not sure if I had that with any particular director as a kid. I've been catching up on the classics recently and started appreciating various tricks a bit more. Meaning to go over some other films at home like Pan's Labyrinth and Casino Royale when I go back for Christmas and see what else I notice :)

  13. What!!? That person needs to be shot let me guess not enough explosion and space chase for them! Yeah I'm going on my own got myself a ticket for the IMAX this Sunday. Just go by yourself.

    Regarding Hitchcock it's different for me as he is part of my childhood I remember watching his films growing up so he kind of has always been there for me.

  14. No one will see Gravity with me :( someone actually used the words "most average film ever" after seeing the trailer!

  15. He's one of those directors that you always take for granted, if that makes any sense. Like, he's so highly praised that I'd never really been interested in his stuff before (which I'm regretting now). Once you start paying attention properly though, his genius really shows :happy:

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