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    showbiz, OoS, absolution, and resistance :( still need bhar and cant any other... oh and i have haarp!
  1. Thanks! :awesome: Now I can drink legally lol

  2. Happy birthday :awesome:

  3. I have that for when my mom calls me. "Fear and panic in the air......"
  4. I will make a cake and my family will eat it but I will never tell them its for Matt I used to make sweets all the time.
  5. Honestly, I really just want them to make like ONE silly song that isn't about eternal love, revolution, or apocalypse like, just get some simple acoustic stuff going, or piano chords and just sing about, like a Orange Mocha Frappuccino or something. Just as a one off they probably wouldn't be able to pull it off though
  6. When you're the original, you can argue that that's how it's meant to be done.
  7. I didn't think it was horrible but it was a bit boring. The way he sang the verses was a bit mechanical and didn't have enough personality I think the fact that Matt does the song and mood so easily makes it seem like this guy did terrible, but really, if someone I knew sang it like that I would be pretty proud to know them.
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