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    music (listening only unfortunately) sports and learning (haha)
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    showbiz, OoS, absolution, and resistance :( still need bhar and cant any other... oh and i have haarp!

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  1. Thanks! :awesome: Now I can drink legally lol

  2. Happy birthday :awesome:

  3. :awesome:


    GOod plan! :indiff: Ok well I'm off.... need to go to my dear sweet internetless home


    nice chatting with you! :happy:

  4. lol


    Sounds like a good night out :awesome:


    Now I am getting really hungry...meh, just gonna do some homework and then go back to doing nothing!

  5. :phu: I'm a young adult, I'm allowed to party :chuckle:


    I'm the one who got the ride yesterday :awesome: this guy who likes me told his ride to pick me up. At the end of the night I was dropped off at home by another guy who likes me though :$ i felt like a 'ho-bag

  6. You are a bad religious person :noey:


    Not that I know what the "rules" are, I can barely remember what the religion is called.


    I miss nights out, but my friends doesn't want me near parties :(

  7. D: I know!


    Also, none of my friends go to "college" except for my cousin and she doesn't have class today :(


    Mmmmmmm pizza..... that sounds sooo good right now cuz I'm on a slight hangover :LOL:

  8. D:


    I can usually borrow money from friends. Hmm...


    wanna borrow some? :awesome:


    Or I can come over with some pizza :yesey:

  9. :chuckle: i actually have practice in about 1.5 hours and usually eat out and hang out at school and do homework/interwebz.... but I realized when I got to school that I left my wallet at home :(
  10. ooh. Buy some fast food and stay at school all day!

  11. good productivity :LOL:


    I'm still at school because at home our internet is down :indiff: but food is at home and I'm starving :facepalm:

  12. I'll try :LOL:


    It was very non-super bowl. I really need to start doing my homework though...


    Oh well, watching Misfits now <3

  13. awww :( well, go make them awesome :LOL: My sister actually pretty much had to force me though, because I'm such a loser when my parents are gone. I was like "How are we gonna clean the house if no one ever leaves!" then later "GOD! we missed church!" :LOL:


    anywayssss, how was your Super Bowl sunday? :chuckle:

  14. Now that is an awesome birthday :LOL:


    Mine are never awesome :(

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