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  1. Yeah doesn't look like Bristol is happening. Bit rubbish that they announced they were doing it, and then just silently dropped the show without saying why.
  2. TBH best stadium I've seen gigs in is the Millennium Stadium but Muse have never bothered playing it. No idea where this Bristol show disappeared to so London it is.
  3. Can almost guarantee now we won't get any of the rarity stuff on the Sky Arts coverage given that they only show a few songs. Bet they'll show something like Psycho/PIB/Knights.
  4. I downloaded about 5 "different" leaks and they were all varying degrees of awful compared to the official release. I mean, it's not the best mixed album but it's twice as good as the leak versions I had. The mixing on the drums is the biggest issue for me, the snare sounds pretty lifeless on some of the tracks.
  5. I kinda like the abrupt transition from the heavy part to the piano section.
  6. Save Me. Panic Station is amazing you heathens.
  7. The leak was ripped horribly so it was nice to PROPERLY listen to the album. Just having the official version has turned the album from a 6/10 to an 8/10 for me. Whoever the guys were on here saying not to expect the actual release to sound any better than the leak need new ears.
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