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  1. Feeling Good needs to die. How is a cover from their second album still being played when they have a ton of their own library to go through? Also, I don't think either of their Staples shows were sell outs. Tickets were still available for both nights through AXS the night before. I had a couple of empty seats around me last night too.
  2. No problems on my end either. Scored tix on my first try! Can't wait for December to come!
  3. The member presale for the first night wasn't through AXS so it really wouldn't make sense to have this one through AXS. Fingers crossed I score some tickets in the member presale here too because of the horror stories from dealing with AXS.
  4. Find it very odd no second night has been announced by this point. Perhaps they really are just doing one night?
  5. A second show was pretty much a given. They've done at least two nights when they've played staples. A third night isn't far off either since staples is open the 19th and 20th.
  6. Just keep trying guys. After about 5 minutes of searching for tickets I got some in the 6th row so the tickets are there. Even if things don't turn out there is still the KROQ sale in an hour and the general sale on Friday.
  7. I can vouch for them. Definitely one of the better support choices i've seen. I was surprised to see them as support since they're already semi-popular in the area. It starts tomorrow, Wednesday the 23rd.
  8. Wow, going to camp out overnight? They're definitely going to be tested. It just started pouring and it looks like it'll stay like this overnight!
  9. Wait, they won't be back around until next spring? They have the concerts in Mexico set for Oct/Nov so I just assumed they'd be doing a tour through the states and nearby around that time.
  10. Yeah I don't think the stage itself is big enough to support a rotating stage. Ugh, I really want to see Muse but I don't really enjoy the other acts on the bill except for Florence + The Machine, guess i'll just wait for the fall.
  11. Ah, I thought it was great. Sure the setlist could've used some hard hitters (looking at MotP/SS/Uns), but the rest made up for it. The quality was great of course, and the editing is definitely an improvement over HAARP.
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