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  1. 1. Algorithm 2. Map Of The Problematique 3. Psycho 4. The Groove 5. Break It To Me 6. Supermassive Black Hole 7. Sing For Absolution 8. Butterflies And Hurricanes 9. Thought Contagion 10. Muscle Museum 11. Citizen Erased 12. The Dark Side (AR) 13. Space Dementia 14. Follow Me 15. Propaganda 16. Plug In Baby 17. MK Ultra 18. Reapers Encore 19. Showbiz 20. Dead Star 21. Stockholm Syndrome + Riffs Encore 22. Neutron Star Collision 23. Survival
  2. Have no idea what to expect from Invision but hopefully it works nicely. Superherohype forums recently changed from vBulletin to Xenforo and it's been working great so far. There were a couple of hiccups at the beginning which unfortunately caused some members to leave the site.
  3. Happy New Year! :awesome:


    I love that Oliver's first thought was to blame Barry and that it was his fault somehow.:chuckle:


    They love touring so I have no doubt that they'll come by your neck of the woods.


    So excited for the Resident Evil 2 remake. Haven't been this excited about a game in a loooong time.

  4. Thanks and you too! :happy:


    Tyler Hoechlin was having way too much hamming it up as evil Superman.:chuckle: Also loved Barry and Oliver calling each other on their emotional speeches and quaterbacking. I was also somewhat disappointed that they didn't have the Smallville cast show up after playing their theme song.:noey:


    Maybe on the second US leg?

  5. Already finished all of my Xmas shopping.:shifty:


    Having a break as well. Watched the CWDC annual crossover event and it was very fun. It's weird seeing how things have changed, like team arrow working for ARGUS now.

  6. They could potentially have fun with arcade type of visuals, especially with randomly choosing between two songs, like the roulette from T2L tour.


    Hopefully you do get a snowy christmas! :yesey: Now gotta get started on the shopping.

  7. Maybe, and I didn't even have to pre-order the album...since I may have downloaded some leaks. :ninja:


    BITM and Propaganda are amazing.:yesey: Everyone keeps saying that the gospel version of Dig Down is great and yet it still doesn't do anything for me. They're both going to be monsters live. :awesome:


    It's almost Christmas! :awesome:

  8. Endlessly would be a fine replacement if the guys feel that Megalomania is too predictable. #bringbackendlessly
  9. 1. Algorithm 2. New Born 3. Map Of The Problematique 4. Panic Station 5. Pressure 6. The Groove 7. Break It To Me 8. Butterflies And Hurricanes 9. Something Human 10. City Of Delusion 11. Citizen Erased 12. The Dark Side (AR) 13. Animals 14. Cave 15. Thought Contagion 16. Bliss 17. Reapers Encore 18. The Void 19. Stockholm Syndrome + Riffs 20. Take A Bow Encore 21. MK Ultra 22. Survival Blame Dom for Resistance.
  10. Ended up buying a ticket after all. Hopefully it's the T2L tour all over again, especially with them mentioning how they got burnt out during the Drones tour.
  11. No problem!


    Well, I ended up buying a GA ticket for Oakland.:ninja: Strange thing is that I got a presale code via email without having to preorder the album. I thought you had to buy the album to receive it. Unless I missed reading something somewhere, which maybe I did.


    Break It To Me, Propaganda and The Void are soooo good. The Dark Side is also stellar. Propaganda is going to be so beefy live.:awesome: I'm liking the live performances of Something Human so far. Have to say, this album has produced some of their best music videos to date.

  12. Man, the "Propaganda" bit is going to be massive live. Looking forward to it's debut.
  13. This has become my favorite track on the album. So good.
  14. 1. Algorithm 2. The Dark Side 3. Map Of The Problematique 4. Panic Station 5. Pressure 6. The Groove 7. Break It To Me 8. MK Ultra 9. Assassin 10. Citizen Erased 11. United States Of Eurasia 12. Sunburn 13. Follow Me 14. Propaganda 15. Muscle Museum 16. Thought Contagion 17. Plug In Baby 18. Reapers Encore 19. The Void 20. Dead Star 21. Stockholm Syndrome + Riffs Encore 22. Butterflies And Hurricanes 23. Survival
  15. Welp, I gave in and listened to it. The Void, oh my gawd. Saddened by how forgettable Blockades is, sans the solo. The Void Algorithm Break It To Me The Dark Side Propaganda Thought Contagion Pressure Blockades Get Up And Fight Something Human Dig Down
  16. Just realized that we're finally going to have a D&B jam named after an American city. Bring on the Houston jam.
  17. Taking a break on Santa Clarita since I got distracted by the new season of Daredevil. Also need to catch up on Haunting of Hill House and Sabrina. Too many shows to catch up on.


    Had no idea that they did a Halloween episode, nice. Took me a few moments but I got the reference.:p Awesome work. :yesey:


    Maybe. Half of me wants to do the wait-and-see method with the other US shows. The other half of me wants to buy tickets because I have a feeling they might switch things up in their upcoming tour, since they've mentioned that they got burned out by the repetitive shows in the Drones era. Like they did with the T2L tour after the rigid Resistance tour. You?


    I do have to admit though, that I am loving seeing the board this active and seeing people freaking out over the release of a new album. Forgot how much fun it was seeing boardies geeking out.:happy:

  18. Surprised that they're skipping Los Angeles on this tour. Might actually be the first time that they've done that.
  19. Can't be worse than last time. I'm going to wait and see how the other US gigs turn out before buying a tix.
  20. Rarely ever visit r/Muse, mainly due to Reddit's awful interface. Ngl, eight years ago, I would've reveled in that.
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