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  1. Happy New Year! :awesome:


    I love that Oliver's first thought was to blame Barry and that it was his fault somehow.:chuckle:


    They love touring so I have no doubt that they'll come by your neck of the woods.


    So excited for the Resident Evil 2 remake. Haven't been this excited about a game in a loooong time.

  2. Thanks and you too! :happy:


    Tyler Hoechlin was having way too much hamming it up as evil Superman.:chuckle: Also loved Barry and Oliver calling each other on their emotional speeches and quaterbacking. I was also somewhat disappointed that they didn't have the Smallville cast show up after playing their theme song.:noey:


    Maybe on the second US leg?

  3. Already finished all of my Xmas shopping.:shifty:


    Having a break as well. Watched the CWDC annual crossover event and it was very fun. It's weird seeing how things have changed, like team arrow working for ARGUS now.

  4. They could potentially have fun with arcade type of visuals, especially with randomly choosing between two songs, like the roulette from T2L tour.


    Hopefully you do get a snowy christmas! :yesey: Now gotta get started on the shopping.

  5. Maybe, and I didn't even have to pre-order the album...since I may have downloaded some leaks. :ninja:


    BITM and Propaganda are amazing.:yesey: Everyone keeps saying that the gospel version of Dig Down is great and yet it still doesn't do anything for me. They're both going to be monsters live. :awesome:


    It's almost Christmas! :awesome:

  6. No problem!


    Well, I ended up buying a GA ticket for Oakland.:ninja: Strange thing is that I got a presale code via email without having to preorder the album. I thought you had to buy the album to receive it. Unless I missed reading something somewhere, which maybe I did.


    Break It To Me, Propaganda and The Void are soooo good. The Dark Side is also stellar. Propaganda is going to be so beefy live.:awesome: I'm liking the live performances of Something Human so far. Have to say, this album has produced some of their best music videos to date.

  7. Taking a break on Santa Clarita since I got distracted by the new season of Daredevil. Also need to catch up on Haunting of Hill House and Sabrina. Too many shows to catch up on.


    Had no idea that they did a Halloween episode, nice. Took me a few moments but I got the reference.:p Awesome work. :yesey:


    Maybe. Half of me wants to do the wait-and-see method with the other US shows. The other half of me wants to buy tickets because I have a feeling they might switch things up in their upcoming tour, since they've mentioned that they got burned out by the repetitive shows in the Drones era. Like they did with the T2L tour after the rigid Resistance tour. You?


    I do have to admit though, that I am loving seeing the board this active and seeing people freaking out over the release of a new album. Forgot how much fun it was seeing boardies geeking out.:happy:

  8. The Alienist is a slow burn but damn engrossing as well. That sucks about school. Haven't caught on Flash and Arrow but I am looking forward to the annual crossover event. They're always fun to watch. Santa Clarita Diet is perfection. :awesome:


    Not sure yet about Halloween but I need to decide soon since it's creeping up fast. Also, happy to report that the Halloween movie is great. The last couple of ones have been stinkers.

  9. Last episode I watched was around season six I think, not sure. I know it was way before Negan showed up. Still very curious about Rick's death.


    Atlanta, Legion, The Americans and The Alienist. Yeah, I know they're mainly FX shows but they make some great ones. I'm actually catching up on The Alienist on TNT at the moment. They're showing it from the beginning again on TV. Really enjoying it so far, good ol' 19th murder mystery.

  10. Just as I hoped, full trailer looks like The Wicker Man meets Safe Haven.

  11. Same here, hopefully it weakens down and people get rescued.


    Honestly, it's been a good few years since I've a great zombie film/tv show. Train to Busan was borderline great but never crossed the line. The Walking Dead has also gotten so dull. Shame, since that show has had some amazing episodes in the past. However, I am going to check out the episode where Rick dies.:shifty: Can't deny that I'm curious about that.They are so going to milk his death for ratings.

    I'll check out Santa Clarita next month when I renew my Netflix.

  12. Guess who's finally back.




  13. Yeah, I've been hearing about that. It's terrible. :noey:


    Had no idea that it was that uneven. I should go to Canada more often. :shifty:


    Still very curious about Santa Clarita Diet. Keep hearing it's hilarious and looks like something that I would enjoy.

  14. That's awesome, congrats! Don't get distracted by the beaches over there.:p


    Very true. :shifty: Netflix has an awesome lineup this fall too, might renew it.

  15. Yup and it shall be fun, well hopefully.


    How about you?


    Finally canceling my Moviepass subscription because it's becoming frustrating. It was fun while it lasted.

  16. Glad to hear that you had fun. I did unknowingly start mouthing the lyrics at certain parts, such as Reapers. :shifty:


    Low-key crowds are the best though. One guy did start texting halfway through so I had to change my seats.:noey:

  17. Thanks!! :D


    Yeah, I did go watch it and it was quite the "experience". First time that I've left a theater with ringing ears.:chuckle:


    When Psycho first started, the sound was all over the place, with the crowd being the loudest and the guitar being super quiet. Then, during the entire song it kept changing highs and lows. Same thing with Reapers. Eventually, the audio mixing improved and it sounded better. The Handler, Dead Inside and Take A Bow were easily the highlights of the movie. They sounded amazing. Then, we got to Knights of Cydonia and the audio started going all over the place and it was brutally loud. Despite all of that, I had a lot of fun. Surprised that the edits didn't bother me. How was your experience? Was the audio just as wild for you? :p

  18. That's quite the selection of job locations. Maybe choose by taking a chance, like eeny, meeny, moe.


    It's been quite fun. No concerts at the moment and Royal Blood just ended their second tour without coming to northern California.:phu: Went to Las Vegas recently and had a blast. Except, it's blazzzzing hot over there. Unbelievably hot.:noey:

  19. Ugh, I know. That was truly an awful season finale. :noey:


    How has your summer been going?

  20. So I just saw clips from the season finale of Supernatural and it....damn.:noey: That was terrible, it renders season 5 pointless. Lucifer and Michael's fight should have a world changing event and what we got was just...:noey: They even fought twice./rant


    Aw that's a shame about Uber-Felicity returning. Got any hilariously bad clips from this season to share?

  21. Nope, haven't been caught up on Flash and Arrow. However, I did watch penultimate episode of The Flash yesterday and was pretty easy to catch up. I did watch the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow out of curiosity and I loved it. It was gleefully batshit in the best way possible and I really doubt that the season finales of Arrow and The Flash will be as good as it. That's strange about Arrow since last season was its best in a while. So what's bad with Arrow? I'm quite curious.:shifty:


    Yeah, its definitely going to a unique experience. However, I've actually been procrastinating/been busy so I haven't bought my tickets yet. :ninja:

  22. May the 4th be with you too.


    I've kinda seen the major points of the Season 13 by watching the clips on that youtube channel. So I can technically say that I've seen all of season 13.:p


    Ah, that's a shame. Went to see it again today.:awesome:


    Thanks! At least you can still have fun at the screening. From what I've read on the forum, I've kinda scared of people dancing in front of the screen and making it cringey.

  23. They have about eight albums to check out so I'm listening to random songs. Swim to the Moon is easily the best one that I've heard so far. No problem!


    Yeah, after each new episode I get video recommendations from the Wayward Winchester which recaps it. Kinda makes it easier to catch up.:p


    Awesome, have fun with your break.


    I did, I loved it. Its not perfect but it is very entertaining.


    Out of curiosity, I checked out locations for the Muse Drones film and its showing right in my city. So I don't have to do any driving.:cool: And it comes out on my birthday so might as well go to it.

  24. Well most of my bands are taking a hiatus at the moment. New Marmozets album was a tad disappointing. However, I did discover an album called Automata I from Between The Buried And Me. They're a great substitute for new Karnivool music. Not sure if they're your style though.:erm:


    Ever since watching clips from that episode on youtube, I've received numerous recommendations of season 13 Supernatural clips on my phone with spoilery titles and I've watched them all.:shifty: Season 13 looks like its actually been very fun.


    10 TAs only? That's madness, goodness. Good luck on that!


    Infinity War on thursday!! :awesome::awesome: So damn excited. Got the hookup from someone who bought tickets when they first went on sale.

  25. On that note, its been surprisingly a lackluster year for new releases.:erm:


    It was so much fun. The gang going through an existential crisis when learning the truth was gold. I thought they were going to actually kill Shaggy for a second.


    Yeah and I'm a bit nervous for them. How about you? Summer is around the corner. :awesome:

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