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  1. These guys rocked last night. Played 19 songs and some old stuff like MM and Micro Cuts. And were really good sports about us yelling like assholes for Dead Star every other song I got good video of Sing for Absolution http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI3CLoPI-0A&feature=player_embedded And Time is Running Out (ft. Couture with a shuffle dance) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ3d7iTdnkg Will def be at the next gig they do. Especially since they promised us Dead Star.
  2. mattarena88

    Secret Shows

    From twitter: hellfckyeah @Muse is NOT opening for Friendly Fires at The Roxy. It is Foster The People, that's the surprise. Carry on Muse fans. Link
  3. mattarena88

    Secret Shows

    .............holy shit.
  4. Hell yeah to Cowboys and Aliens. And as much as I love Muse, Hans Zimmer's work on Inception was nothing short of a masterpiece. I don't think anyone else could have scored it like he did.
  5. Yeah I thought so too. It was odd to hear all the talking. Though honestly he could have played off the New York as Newark. It's close enough. Better than Matt's N-N-N-N-N-N-Nassau Coliseum last night. What is up with them announcing cities :LOL:
  6. Whew ok it actually did happen. I was starting to think we all had a shared hallucination of the epicness that is Citizen Erased :LOL: I was there, I'm watching the video, and I still can't believe it was played. The phrase "mind blowing" doesn't begin to cover it.
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