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  1. I remember when the PMT first discovered this interview. The sounds he makes ;sfkjsg;dfklgj :stunned: Get's me every time. Oh my. Just thought I'd drop by too! It's been so long for me as well. Miss this beautiful thread!
  2. The blog also had 100% to do with the threads topic. Honestly, you can't possibly call that spam. Especially since it's not like I was like BUY THESE SHIRTS SAVE BLAH BLAH BLAH. So...

  3. If you actually read the website you'd know it wasn't just a clothing company, but a blog. And the blog was what I was specifically trying to point out. Really wasn't necessary for you to report it.

  4. Exogenesis parts 1 and 3 Resistance Collateral Damage The piano in IBTY guitar riff in Uprising good things ^
  5. Great one! Cheers for putting it up! This actually made me remember a little bit why I like Muse haha.
  6. That photo, I seriously downloaded it to my phone to set as my background. Then I get on the forums and see your icon and I'm like ALLLLRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT :yesey::awesome:

  7. nick valensi dflkgjs;ldkfjg;slkjf

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