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For me:


Fillip and Sober - both really nice, fun little rock songs.

Feeling Good - overplayed live, but the brilliance of the original cover is pretty timeless.

Soldier's Poem - poignant, perfect length and a great oasis of calm in the album.

Undisclosed Desires - I think it's a beautiful pop song that has an unusual sincerity about it. Also, I think it's really nice live.

I Belong To You - interesting time signatures and structure, as well as THAT bass clarinet solo.

Neutron Star Collision - Yeah, shoot me, but I just don't think there's anything wrong with the song from a musical point of view. the solo's fun, it's a good stadium-y singalongy thing. So what if it was used in a less-than-good film?

Supremacy - I love the riff, I love the solo, I love the falsetto, I love the fast mad bit at the end.

The 2nd Law: Unsustainable - one of their most musically interesting pieces - it's texturally fascinating and as a self-aware commentary by the band on themselves, I think it works really well.

Revolt - No, it's not brilliant but again, there's nothing really wrong with it. it suffers from coming directly after Reapers, The Handler and Defector. It's fun and uplifting, and I don't really see a problem with it.

Aftermath - For my money, the best 'quiet' song Muse has ever done (aside from Soldier's Poem), outranking Unintended, Screenager, Blackout and Explorers. Balanced just right, beautiful guitar playing, and resisting the temptation to go too overblown at the climax.

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Madness: Worth the wait for "I NEED YOUR LOOOVE" plus I don't mind Muse-step. Like it even though it's a slow love song.

Dark Shines: The drums and bass are amazing. Is it what comes after it that people don't like?

Unintended: Another slow, love song Muse have done that I actually like. Plus I kind of relate to the lyrics.

Aftermath: The third, slow, love song Muse have done that I actually like, a great climax without going over board.

Exo-Politics: It's fine, there's nothing wrong with it. The chorus is great.

Explorers: Cheesy as fuck, but a guilty pleasure of mine.

Undisclosed Desires: Slap bass, it's new, plus the lyrics are great. I also quite like dark R&B-style Muse.

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Eh?! Am I missing something... since when is Darkshines not a popular song? And wtf why?! It's not even an obvious contender – it's not soft, cheesy, no bad lyrics. Genuinely confused by this :LOL: Anyways, if it is I'd defend it to the death, it's an awesome song :fear:






I think people might be comparing it to the rest of OoS perhaps, I might possibly be mistaken :happy:

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My only issue with the lyrics is that I'm not sure how "I won't let them hurt, hurting you, no" makes any grammatical sense. I know it's supposed to be "they're hurting you," but I don't hear the "they're" at all, and it still doesn't make much sense.


But yeah I expected to hate Follow Me and was pleasantly surprised.


Wait what? I thought the lyric was "I won't let them harm, harm you, no." I'm almost positive I hear an "m."

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