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  1. Been a while since I've done this 1) Black Holes 2) Absolution 3) OOS 4) Showbiz 5) The Resistance 6) Drones 7) The 2nd Law The top 3 are the only really good ones though
  2. Between Abso and Black Holes at the moment.
  3. Yeah totally nailed it there. Think of it like chocolate cake, you know it's bad for you but of course you still eat it.
  4. Supermassive from Fifa 07 That I can remember at least.
  5. 1) Supermassive Black Hole 2) Dead Star 3) The Handler 4) Map of the Problematique 5) New Born 6) Plug in Baby 7) Dead Inside 8) Undisclosed Desires 9) Stockholm Syndrome 10) Assassin
  6. The Handler. I knew it was awesome already, but then I got my new headphones
  7. I actually quite like Mercy now even though it is standard filler. The way Matt sings 'puppeteer' still grates on me a little. Other then that though it's not bad. It's just not that good either.
  8. SS Hysteria Survival KOC New Born That's the first 5 from the top of my head.
  9. Each to their own. I don't hate the choir but would certainly like to hear a version without it too. Wasn't Dead Inside supposed to be the Bond song
  10. Embedding pictures:


    you need to use tags around the image, say you have a link to your forum picture:




    Then you wrap [ img ] and [ /img ] (remove the spaces) around the image. Alternately, in post box you can see this yellow symbol insertimage.gif, click that and paste the link!

  11. Agreed. I just watched the video and didn't get any feeling that they hate on Muse or Coldplay for their success. Just that they didn't know them too well. I mean they like Adele even though she's more famous than the other two
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