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  1. Just my take on it, sorry probably should have mentioned that... Lol. Not saying you guys have to like it, I'm just sharing my opinion on it much like he/she did.
  2. Showbiz has gnarly lyrics in my opinion, it's looking through the eyes of the actor in all of us. We have no control over the fundamentals that every human has to go through in order to survive/be happy. Compared with an actor who has to dream the dreams, and scream the screams of the script writer/director. I think it's brilliant, there is no true freedom. But that's just me
  3. I don't doubt Matt, yes he clearly has his cheesy moments but lyrically he can be pretty brilliant sometimes we're still talking about the guy who wrote Sing for Absolution, Ruled By Secrecy, Cave, Eternally Missed, Glorious, Yes Please, Shine, Hoodoo, You Fucking Mother Fucker, City of Delusion, Space Dementia, and Showbiz... Clearly his recent albums have seen more cheese than Packer fans, but let's hope we can see a spark of those shrooms out young Matt lyrics on this next album (:
  4. I said it in the Drones thread too, I think Dead Inside will be Citizen Erased pt. 2
  5. Damn I've never followed an album release this thoroughly so I guess I wouldn't have known anyways! That and I would never see any news of it in the US, Muse is only popular 2 months after a release here
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