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  1. So I have left the board long enough to let the idiots have their fun. Now is the time for some intelligent fucking thought, and to reign it all in. Half of the album sounds like Midge Ure's last solo album (which is a fucking masterpiece and doesn't deserve such horrible, blatant butchery). Some of it sounds like 2015 Acrtic Monkeys if they'd stopped given a fuck, which they incidentally did this/last year. Some of it sounds like Muse trying to do sexy. I fucking hate it all. I give it a year, unitl this album is collectively Muse's most hated. Shit. Get fucking real. This is horse shit. Algorithm is OK, but also so far up its own arse that it's undoubtedly new Muse. Get a fucking grip you idiots. This is shit. How dare you pretend otherwise.
  2. Sounds like Muse crossed with Ultravox, almost to a T. I REALLY like it.
  3. Nah, that was thought contagion. This is just crap.
  4. Well that was shit. This album is going to be absolutely horrible. Muse meets Mumford and Sons, what a load of wank. Almost embarrassed to listen to this song by myself to be honest.
  5. I actually quite like this?? Not sure if I've mellowed out like fuck over the last year, or if I'm just in a really good mood today, or just that Dig Down was so shit anything is better than that... But yeah brace for the final solution is pretty tasteless edit: it is neither fury part 2 nor heavy though, and it isn't single material... little bit worried about the album, going to be underwhelming if this and DD are anything to go by
  6. Muse have gotten pretty wank, sad how they've gone from best live act in the world to one of the shittest
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