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  1. [Drill Sergeant] 1. Psycho 2. Knights of Cydonia 3. Assassin 4. Dead Inside 5. The Handler 6. Citizen Erased 7. New Born 8. Map of the Problematique 9. Butterflies and Hurricanes 10. Apocalypse Please 11. Ruled By Secrecy 12. Space Dementia [JFK] 13. Defector 14. Revolt 15. Plug In Baby 16. Muscle Museum 17. The Globalist 18. Survival -Encore- 19. Blackout 20. Aftermath 21. Glorious 22. Sing For Absolution -Encore- 23. Bliss 24. Fury 25. Reapers 26. Stockholm Syndrome
  2. Took this on the way back from voting in the referendum, one of the good things that came out of that day.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YNKxCB6vbo Made a music video using the Glastonbury footage and some other stuff. Hope y'all like it and stuff.
  4. As much as actually like the new stage, I always liked the simplicity of the one they used on the Asian leg before. Just the lights, big screen and runway for more intimate moments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ssnw0DBHF0 I really like the way the screen lights up when the main riff kicks back in, always a great moment, you don't really get that with the small screen at the top of the stage on the 360 tour.
  5. Good paper, found it really interesting! Nice job.
  6. [Drill Sergeant] Psycho Reapers The Handler MK Ultra Citizen Erased New Born Map of the Problematique Butterflies and Hurricanes Apocalypse Please Sunburn Space Dementia [JFK] Defector Revolt Plug In Baby Muscle Museum Assassin Knights of Cydonia -Encore- Overture Blackout The Globalist Redemption -Encore 2- Bliss Fury Stockholm Syndrome Take A Bow
  7. First Muse song I heard was in 2007 or thereabouts, when my brother put BH&R on in the car and Take A Bow started playing. First song I got into of my own accord was Plug In Baby, if my memory serves correctly.
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