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  1. Time to update this after Glasgow. I can never afford to rack up the gig numbers, so I just get to what I can. This little bunch is not at all bad for just 4 shows, I think! Showbiz Uno Origin of Symmetry New Born (x2) Bliss (x3) Space Dementia Hyper Music (x2) Plug In Baby (x3) Citizen Erased (x2) Micro Cuts (x1, outro riff on its own x1) Darkshines Screenager Feeling Good (x2) Megalomania Absolution Time Is Running Out (x4) Stockholm Syndrome (x4) Interlude (x3) Hysteria (x3) Black Holes and Revelations Take A Bow Starlight (x4) Supermassive Black Hole (x4) Map of the Problematique (x2) Knights of Cydonia (x4) The Resistance Uprising (x4) Resistance (x2) Undisclosed Desires (x2) United States of Eurasia Guiding Light Unnatural Selection Exogenesis (Part 1) The 2nd Law Madness Prelude Animals The 2nd Law: Isolated System Drones Dead Inside Psycho (x2) Mercy Reapers (x2) The Handler [JFK] The Globalist Drones (x2) Others Glasgow Jam Helsinki Jam Munich Jam Agitated Nishe Collected from: Glasgow SECC '09; Leeds Festival '11; Glasgow Barrowlands '15; Glasgow Hydro (1) '16
  2. Ah, fantastic. The entrance I've been given is "East Entrance", so that's very reassuring.
  3. Hi there, folks Just a quick question, though I'm not sure if anybody will be able to help. Basically, going to the gig at Glasgow Hydro tomorrow, GA ticket (hooray), and can't wait, but I've been given an assigned entrance, and I'm concerned that it will mean that there's a part of the GA area that I won't be able to access. Has this happened at any of the other venues, and does anybody know what it will entail? The only reason I ask is the Hydro doesn't have seating all around the arena, and I'm concerned the band will play more to one direction than the other - I'd like to avoid being in the "neglected" area. Any info would be hugely helpful!
  4. To be fair, most of Starlight is better than Guiding Light... Standing tickets for Glasgow! Can't wait! Which is unfortunate, as it's in April, so I'm going to have to.
  5. For me, it's Black Holes and Revelations, with Drones 2nd and Origin 3rd. Even though Absolution has some of their very, very best songs, i think it's a little too padded out with filler, which is what drops it down the list for me. BHaR is just consistently brilliant all the way through, perfectly paced and balanced.
  6. Hah, yep, into sparse drums and a similar sonic area, which builds up all the way. So you get dynamics building all the way from the breakdown of Citizen to the end of Dead Inside.
  7. I reckon they're on a par, tbh (and I actually quite like them both, even though they are the weaker selections of their albums). Myself, I've never been a fan of Follow Me, mostly because I listen to Muse for their musicianship, and when it's driven so much by the synths it's hard to hear what the three guys are actually doing underneath it all. Apart from Matt's Bono-ing, which I also don't like - you're Matt Bellamy, you don't need to pretend to be bloody Bono!
  8. I think Matt's actually done something really clever with this one. Elgar is one of the best examples of musical 'nationalism' (not so much the political movement, but the trend of exemplifying a country musically - Rimsky Korsakov and Mussorgsky did it with Russia). Juxtaposing Nimrod (one of Elgar's greatest works) with lyrics like "there's no country left to love and cherish", "there's no countries left to fight and conquer", and "memories of the great nation we were" is, I think, a very clever piece of subversive songwriting. It's just a shame I don't really like Nimrod...
  9. For me: Fillip and Sober - both really nice, fun little rock songs. Feeling Good - overplayed live, but the brilliance of the original cover is pretty timeless. Soldier's Poem - poignant, perfect length and a great oasis of calm in the album. Undisclosed Desires - I think it's a beautiful pop song that has an unusual sincerity about it. Also, I think it's really nice live. I Belong To You - interesting time signatures and structure, as well as THAT bass clarinet solo. Neutron Star Collision - Yeah, shoot me, but I just don't think there's anything wrong with the song from a musical point of view. the solo's fun, it's a good stadium-y singalongy thing. So what if it was used in a less-than-good film? Supremacy - I love the riff, I love the solo, I love the falsetto, I love the fast mad bit at the end. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable - one of their most musically interesting pieces - it's texturally fascinating and as a self-aware commentary by the band on themselves, I think it works really well. Revolt - No, it's not brilliant but again, there's nothing really wrong with it. it suffers from coming directly after Reapers, The Handler and Defector. It's fun and uplifting, and I don't really see a problem with it. Aftermath - For my money, the best 'quiet' song Muse has ever done (aside from Soldier's Poem), outranking Unintended, Screenager, Blackout and Explorers. Balanced just right, beautiful guitar playing, and resisting the temptation to go too overblown at the climax.
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