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  1. Somehow Matt seemed to accidentally tune his bottom string up near the start of that New York version... But yeah, looks like both Matt and Dom enjoy the song and even Morgan has a groove on. Plus Chris gets to sound creepy whispering 'Break it to me'.
  2. Yeah, if you're going to throw yourself off a cliff don't do it half-arsed otherwise you are going to end up hitting your head on the rocks as you fall down...
  3. Well we're still getting most of SS it seems, just skipped one verse I think?
  4. Blackout - It surely has to be the most poetic thing Matt has ever written without coming across at all cheesy. And the message is perfectly sensible and reasonable by Muse standards: - Live in the here and now, enjoy the gifts of youth while you still can - Don't beat yourself up about days gone by, you can't change the past - Appreciate the things you have now because they might not last forever and you never know what may lurk around the corner - Acknowledge your own mortality but don't let it define your own lifetime 'Don't kid yourself And don't fool yourself This love's too good to last And I'm too old to dream Don't grow up too fast And don't embrace the past This life's too good to last And i'm too young to care Don't kid yourself And don't fool yourself This life could be the last And we're too young to see'
  5. It takes forever to go anywhere and builds up to a fairly underwhelming and repetitive climax imo. Would have probably made a good Radiohead song in many ways (and I suppose it comes from the era when people were always making the Radiohead comparisons). Similar to Exit Music For a Film with the quiet/acoustic section - build up - loud/distorted section structure but much less interesting musically. It also reminds me a bit of The Void which suffers from a similar structural problem imo, just without the wub wubs.
  6. Aww come on, it's not the worst thing they have ever written... 1. Jimmy Kane 2. Pink Ego Box 3. Revolt 4. Soldier's Poem 5. Prague (technically a cover but it is still awful) 6. Big Freeze 7. Explorers 8. Undisclosed Desires 9. Isolated System 10. Save Me 11. Con-Science 12. Aftermath 13. The Globalist 14. Neutron Star Collision 15. Unnatural Selection 16. Exo Politics (recorded version) 17. Crying Shame (recorded version)
  7. I feel you man, I haven't watched/read/listened to the news for about 8 months now and feel much the better for it. I felt like I was getting sucked into a lot of the partisan us vs them elements of it and even started posting on political message boards and things before I realised that it was all a massive waste of time. There will be those that accuse you of sticking your head in the sand and those who insist that it is 'important to stay informed' but just ignore them. After several months of just completely avoiding the news (I've also started avoiding sports and celebrity news as well because it's often linked to mainstream news) you have an epiphany and realise that: 1. All of the news you see/read/hear about is CURATED for maximum shock value to keep you glued to the 'developing' story and make you CONSUME even more news. Ever wondered why the majority of news stories are negative? It's because we tend to get riled up about things and that makes us take sides which in turn makes you consume even more news to give you self-validation on your chosen point of view. 2. It's dissected into easily digestible chunks with shiny banners and BREAKING NEWS headlines. Stories and 'analysis' by reporters are often shallow with poor journalistic standards. 3. 99.9% of the news is stuff that you can't actually do anything about (posting angry status updates on Facebook/Twitter doesn't count as doing something). Being able to repeat in pigeon fashion the story you heard on breakfast news that morning around the water cooler at work doesn't count as being 'informed' about something either. You haven't delved into the issue yourself or by your own motivation, you've just been told that this is something you must get annoyed about. 4. News is INFOTAINTMENT with an ever increasing emphasis on entertainment these days. It's designed to occupy ideal minds and to make sure you stick through the ad break to find out about 'COMING UP....THIS FOOD MIGHT CAUSE CANCER' etc. 5. Things don't actually happen as quickly as the media would like to portray. In a world of 24/7 rolling news this is often glaringly obvious with airhead reporters just trying to fill airtime with little actual substance and the rise in 'clickbait' style articles that are infecting more and more of the internet these days. 6. You still pick up things that are genuinely important. I'm sure I would hear about it if the USA actually did invade North Korea for example. If you haven't watched Network (1976) then I highly recommend it. In many ways it was way ahead of it's time and predicted the rise of a lot of this stuff.
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