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TSP and TOADA definitely get their fair (or unfair) share of "meh". It's just that not enough people post their opinions regarding Muse songs on here for it to show.


Yeah, I'm one of those people. They're very "meh" to me. In fact I think TOADA is one of their worst songs because of the chorus. It's dull as fuck.

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Feeling good, I really don't get the hate for this song, it's one of my faves.


The actual song itself isn't really hated tbf. I'm pretty sure the general consensus is that it's a pretty good, maybe even great cover. The main gripes people seem to have with it are that it feels out of place with the rest of Origin and the fact that it stuck around live over better original piano songs despite sounding flat for years. That reputation was mostly built up over the BH&R and TR tours though, when it was an out-and-out staple. It's not been too bad over the last two albums.


Would've been best suited as a stand-alone single or b-side and out of setlists imo.

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See I really like TOADA for whatever reason. I'm of the opinion that TSP, Endlessly and TOADA should've been b sides, and Fury and EM should've made the album. But I still love TOADA and listen to it all the time


I think the reason they've left them out of the final tracklist might be that too many songs would have been too samey between each other (Eternally Missed = Hysteria and SFA; Fury = Stockholm, Hysteria).

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