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  1. God I just wish they would announce something soon though. At least Matt's mum is kind to us.
  2. Um I am disgusted by my own country's national sport spamming the muse thread....boo..
  3. I remember buying Guitar Hero III just to play KoC
  4. Is it weird that i've heard Uprising on media so many times tat it makes me cringe?
  5. When my Dad showed my friend and I the Knights of Cydonia music video he had just discovered. I thought it was really comical and weird, but the music stuck to me. We proceeded to buy BH&R and Absolution and listened to them non-stop. This would have been 9 years ago? I was only 6 years old! (yup I'm a young muser)
  6. I follow you on twitter! I love your work, keep it up
  7. 100% agreed. The artwork for this album was a disappointment.
  8. These are absolutely brilliant! Would you ever consider doing the other Muse albums too? It would make quite a collection
  9. Be respectful and refrain your requests please
  10. ykyatmw you have to listen to 5 Muse songs a day minimum, or else you feel that you're disgracing the band (bumppp)
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