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  1. Something Human is probably my least favourite at the moment. Just find it very bland.
  2. I love Break it to Me, definitely my out and out favourite but TDS, Algorithm and Propaganda are still sticking around for me too! Especially that AV of TDS oooft
  3. Algorithm {D.S.} Psycho The Dark Side Map of the Problematique {Maggies Farm Riff} Supermassive Black Hole Pressure {Interlude} Hysteria Thought Contagion {T2L Unsustainable} Showbiz Break it to Me Bliss {Ext} The Void Dig Down (Gospel) City of Delusion Glorious Dead Star Stockholm Syndrome Take a Bow Plug In Baby Knights of Cydonia
  4. Chris officially saying there isn't a proper story to the ST videos, rather the band just wanted them to reference each other and be cohesive. Interesting if also a lil disappointing.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOHioBq4wgc   Always nice to see Chris interviewed by himself  He talks about the 'theme' of the ST videos as well which is kinda cool.
  6. SAME. Only 5 gigs but might as well rank em anyway. 1. SBE 2017 for obvious reasons. Especially given I got a ticket the night before and never thought in a million years I'd be able to go. 2. Reading 2017 - Set and performance were both amazing to cap off a fantastic weekend and first time seeing TaB 3. Sydney, 2010 (Night 2) - Bliss and the towers were great from seats! 4. Sydney, 2017 - Not an interesting setlist but the band were on form. 5. Sydney, 2013 - B&H was a highlight but otherwise the setlist was trash.
  7. Simulation Theory only because I'm sure I've done this a few times for the others already. Break it to Me - 9/10 The Dark Side - 9/10 Propaganda - 8.5/10 Algorithm - 8/10 The Void - 8/10 Pressure - 7.5/10 Blockades - 7/10 Thought Contagion - 7/10 Something Human - 6/10 Dig Down - 5/10 Get Up and Fight - 4/10 The Dark Side Alternate Reality - 10/10 Algorithm Alternate Reality - 8.5/10 Break it to Me Remix - 8/10 The Dark Side Alternate Reality Instrumental - 8/10 (it's still very pretty ok) Propaganda Acoustic - 8/10 The Void Acoustic - 7.5/10 Dig Down Acoustic - 7/10 Thought Contagion Live - 6/10 (it's a fairly meh performance innit) Pressure Marching Band Version - 5/10 Something Human Acoustic - 5/10
  8. I would TDS is phenomenal - especially the alternate reality version. I actually don't mind TOADA. It's a fairly straight forward rock song sure but it's not that bad. That said, I also really like Exo Politics and Escape which everyone else seems to hate so maybe I just don't really mind when Muse do very basic straight forward songs
  9. Hmm this is true I didn't think of it that way but still, now I almost feel like I have to buy a guitar!
  10. Pretty sure at events like these they get told how long to play.
  11. 1. Black Holes & Revelations Literally cannot listen to Take a Bow without wanting to listen to the entire album through start to finish. TaB, Map, Invincible, Assassin, CoD, Hoodoo and Knights are all in my top 20 songs they've ever done with Map probably taking the number one spot while Starlight and SMBH despite what Starlight's become live are two of their best pop songs. 2. Origin of Symmetry Love it but it gets edged out very slightly by Black Holes. Main issues with it are Feeling Good, Bliss live being one of my top five but having the synth arpeggios outro on the album version which ruins it for me for some reason. Hyper Music, Dark Shines and Citizen Erased are just absolutely perfect though. 3. Absolution The production of Abso means it doesn't get quite as high for me as it does for a lot of people. Songs like Stockholm, B&H, RBS, Apocalypse Please, Sing for Absolution, Fury and TSP are all phenomenal but all sound so much better in live versions. Time is Running Out and Hysteria are perfect Muse pop-rock songs too. 4. Simulation Theory The lows are slightly dreadful - Something Human hasn't aged well for me already and Dig Down's regular version is ghastly - but the highs far outweigh them. Algorithm and The Void are splendid, both versions of TDS are up among my top 10 while both Propaganda and Break it to Me are boss. I'll be interested to see how it ages for me and whether it stays up in fourth or drops down. 5. Drones Dead Inside and The Handler are just phenomenal. Reapers, Psycho and Revolt are all decent. The rest is meh. Aftermath, the Globalist and Drones could've all been done without and Mercy is just 6. The Resistance I do find TR and Drones both alternate depending on how I'm feeling. Uprising, MK ULTRA and Exogenesis Parts 1 & 3 are fantastic songs and I don't mind Unnatural Selection or UD either but Resistance, Guiding Light, IBTY and Exo Part 2 just aren't very good. 7. Showbiz I love half the album but the rest I can do without honestly. Showbiz, Sunburn, MM, Cave, Uno and Falling Down are all great. Possibly controversial placing but I'm not too arsed. 8. The 2nd Law Last minute of Madness, Panic Station, the guitar work in Animals and the second verse/chorus of Follow Me are amazing while both parts of T2L are listenable (if a little long) but I just find the production bland and the likes of Survival, Big Freeze and Save Me force me to really steer clear.
  12. Sounds huuuuuuge live. Can only imagine it was even better while there.
  13. Don't technically even 'need' it really. Can happily play it in standard. If anything you can use it more to really thicken out the chorus chords. EDIT: Fan just asked Matt on instagram whether 15 minutes of metal would stick around and he replied "yes with some variation maybe." "maybe"
  14. The Dark Side Break it to Me The Handler Dead Inside MK ULTRA For me. Propaganda, Madness and Exogenesis Parts one and three are both up there though for me. Yeah same. Guess for me it's that the highs are so few and far between that it makes them easy to forget about. Only songs I still listen to are DI and TH with the occasional viewing of a live version of Psycho. Rest is very forgettable.
  15. Yeah he's done it ever since they brought the backing track in. Medley was kinda eh from the YT videos. Would much prefer to get 2-3 full songs. Excited to see a video of BitM!
  16. I think the main thing I like about the performance is that the A4s at the start aren't jarringly high in the mix as they have been at other performances. Agree that it's not the best of that song so far though - think that would have to be the MTV gig performance from the crowd footage I've seen
  17. I'm gonna be completely honest with you and tell you while I assumed it was possibly something along the lines, I genuinely didn't know that was what he was actually referring too. If you're actually wondering how come and thinking I'm a complete thicko, living in Australia we don't really focus on history from a European perspective in schools. It's very self-centred. We learn about WWII and the Nazis yes but it's mostly just focussing on Australian involvement and the political and social climate in Australia at the time. Outside of that, the content is very limited to key dates - such as Normandy - and the things that are general knowledge - such as Auschwitz etc unless you choose to study these units in university (being at a music university, I did not). We don't learn specifics and whilst we do learn about the extermination of large groups of Jewish people in death camps and the events that led up to it, not once in six years of high school did I hear it referred to as "the final solution." Sorry if that's ignorant but if you're going to blame anyone, blame the public schooling system of this country.
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