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North American Tour Dates [Updated]


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They're playing in Oakland. I don't think they'll add an SF date.


Yeah, sorry meant Oakland by SF. I realize that's probably an insult to SF. :D



Really intrigued by the VIP thing. Seems like those will cost at least $100 though... and wondering the logistics of buying 2. I would think most people don't go alone, so that shouldn't be much of a concern.


re: m&g's, it doesn't say anywhere in there that the band will be present at the pre-show party. They have done meets for fans before (in 2005 at least) but they're much more popular now... NIN did something pretty neat on some of their tours where they let fanclub people into watch soundcheck, and then go down the line briefly talking to people, but soundchecks don't seem to be included in the Muse thing either.

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Texas dates will probably be announced sometime tomorrow / Monday / the week after and probably will follow the Tulsa date / be during the week of SXSW. My guess at least.


I figured as much. Either way, I plan on going to the Texas dates when they announce...or maybe all of them. We'll see :awesome:

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Fucking Oracle Arena again :indiff:







My greatest fear was that when they played the Bay Area this tour that I couldn't go. I'm so happy that I can go and the date doesn't interfere with school stuff. In fact, I can go to class that day which ends at noon and hop on BART to camp out at the arena (if I can get a GA ticket). :happy::happy:


I am so, so happy right now. :dance::dance:



Yeah, Oakland is SF enough. OMFG, sign me up for all the CA dates! :awesome:


Kind of sad I can't manage the So. Cal shows because of school, but the Monday in Oakland works out perfectly. Hope I'll be seeing you (and my extended Muser family) there. :)

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