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  1. dan.

    Eeek, two trips in two days is tricky going. Thorpe I can definitely do, not sure about Chessie yet...

  2. dan.

    Happy Birthday! :) How was Reading for you?

  3. Hey sorry I'm a bit late, but thanks anyway! :)

  4. dan.

    Sair! Happy Birthdayyy :dance::D! I know i'm probably late in Oztrailiazland now, but hope you had an awesome day anyway. :)

  5. dan.

    Ahah yeah will do, I’m trying to get someone to film a whole gig but if I can’t I’ll just do a rehearsal video or something and send it to you :)

    Ooh not long for you then, that would maybe make youuu.. 16/17? Just guessing you aren’t actually 102 like your profile says haha.

    Samee, I used to ace most things but slowly I’ve become more of a failure at everything. :LOL:

    Ahh I love Physics, i’m going to hopefully be doing that at college as well as maybe Psychology and something else. But an Astrophysicist sounds really cool! I have no idea what I want to do :( (and it’s kinda useless just saying ‘I hope my band gets big’ haha)

    Oh nicee, what were you doing in England? Some parts are good but there’s nothing to do in my area so i’m always bored of it. And i’d like to travel round and see other places too I guess.

    Wow, most people aren’t that excitable about places they live in so it must be really amazing! :D Whereabouts do you live Australia? I really wanna just take a holiday to see what it’s like even if it’s for only a few weeks, seems like paradise compared to here! *is majorly jealous*


    (long comment is long)

  6. dan.

    Thanks! :D :D ‘Tis only my second time doing it, somehow more anxious this time though.

    I’m still at high school, then college next year, what about you?

    Ahah same with me, I can just never be bothered with it since it's well, Maths xD. Actually i'm like that with most things at school haha.

    Yayyy, Australians are actually my favourite kind of people (and i’m not just saying that). :awesome: I’m from London, hoping to move away sometime 'cause i'm kinda bored of it. Australia would be nice actually, what's it like over there?

  7. dan.

    Ahah nah it doesn’t suck, especially if you can get a name like Sair out of it.

    Thanks, I hope I do too since I have a gig on Saturday... scary times.

    Awh, I can help maybe, what subject is it? I’ll have to start working soon, just three or so years until freedom, wahey. :unsure:

    And you’re from Australia right...? If so then that's :awesome:

  8. dan.

    Ah well it’s still damn cool I think, I wish I had a nickname. x)


    I’m ok thanks but i’m kinda ill so i’m bored sitting at home today. :( Well for me it’s the first time ever when I’m not that tired but now I can’t go out, hah. What’ve you been up to then? *most original question ever*

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